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Asha, or Princess Asha Bear as she is affectionately known in her foster Mums home, is 15 years old and blind. Her eyes removed due to glaucoma. Asha just loves heading out for a sniffari around her neighborhood though due to her heart condition the walks are short. Her walks are super important for her well-being and the smells of the neighborhood are what dogs love to stimulate their minds. Prior to coming into her current foster home Asha became reactive to other dogs, so walks are quite tricky trying to avoid any other dogs to keep her calm. It’s interesting a woof or another dog walking causes significant stress, but all the peemails interest her greatly! Asha was underweight when she came into care. Her foster mum was concerned though quickly discovered she loves her food, she just needed help, she needs spoon feeding with her softer food as she doesn’t have many front teeth to pick it up. Asha has managed to put on 650gms and is working on a few more. Afternoon tea is a favorite, treats hidden in her snuffle mat, Asha is a quick little treasure hunter. Asha is a sweetheart she just loves her …


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This little man loves being where his people are and sleeping in next to them. He slowly sneaks up on his foster dad’s pillow and loves a good cuddle in bed. Has loves his trit trots around the neighbourhood but we’ve slowed down a little. Ollie greets every passer-by with a really big tail wag, but will still flinch and shy away if someone comes too close too quickly. His arthiritis is being managed with strong pain killers and he adores his soothing baths – often with his foster mumma, where he falls asleep on her lap.

Entertainment Book

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Order an Entertainment™ Membership and support Rescued With Love. The beauty of the Entertainment Book App is you not only save money, you help us to continue providing the best of care for little dogs in need in the community and you support your local businesses, who need all the help they can get this year. We’re very excited to be fundraising with Entertainment™ again. Order  Digital Memberships from us today, and 20% of the proceeds contribute towards Rescued with Love. Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel.


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Snowie is our dear little old man. He was adopted out by us a few years back (he was known as Walter then) but so very sadly his mum passed away. Snowie came back to us very low vision and had a hard time settling at first but now he is just so happy and at home so will be spending the rest of his days right where he is, with RWL, as a foundation dog. He is 16 years old and sleeps most of the day away but in the evenings he’s up and about. He doesn’t like to eat much in the mornings but has his 4 small meals each night, spaced an hour apart so he gets enough food in him to keep him healthy! Snowie is low vision and low hearing but he does really well except in bright sun and outside at night. He has a blocked tear duct which means his eye always weeps and is prone to infections and inflammation, so that needs to be kept clean and medicated as needed. Snowie is on pain meds for arthritis, occasional eye meds and a special diet to help keep his weight on.

Goodwill Vegan Wine

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Imagine if something as simple as enjoying a glass of award-winning vegan wine could help animals in need? Well, it turns out that it can thanks to a unique social enterprise called Goodwill Wine. On the 7th of February 2009 David Laity lost most of what he owned to the Black Saturday Bushfires. He was living in a small hamlet called Chum Creek, located between King Lake and Marysville and was volunteering at an animal shelter around the corner. Like many other houses around the state of Victoria, David’s home was hit by the fires that swept through the area, as was the animal shelter he had been volunteering at. “My volunteer work was mainly maintenance, helping around the grounds and building enclosures. I didn’t have the time to commit to the hands-on care of the animals which is a round-the-clock job, but I was doing what I could,” David recalls. “Thankfully none of the animals were killed by the fire but it took a monumental effort by fire crews to save them”. Over the following week, David’s home was hit another 2 times by wildfire and when the fires were eventually put out 3 weeks later, nothing remained. The …

I need help

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MacIntosh was a very sick pup when he came to us. He circled and paced nonstop. The pressure in his skull intense and a head full of fluid. The damage to his brain causing vision loss. He couldn’t sit still, he couldn’t focus to take direction, he ate very little and lord knows he must have had a whopper of a headache. We weren’t quite sure what we were dealing with until specialist consultation but we soon learned that MacIntsoh had a condition called hydrocephalus. Fluid that surrounds the brain was continually being produced but could not drain away. The specialists were amazed that he was even able to stand in the condition he was in. We don’t know where he had been before he found his way into the pound that, thank goodness contacted us. He was around 10 months old and living in misery for who knows how long. He had no language, no understanding, no concept of touch. It frightened him to be handled. He started on medication to help reduce the fluid, but this was no long-term solution and so we decided, after much thought and consultation that we would go ahead with surgery, where a shunt …

Goodwill Wines

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David who runs Goodwill Wines lost everything, his home and his job in the Black Saturday Bushfires. Amazed at the kindness and support of the Community he decided to give something back. That became “Goodwill Wines” where 50% of his profits are donated to Charities. Not only does David run the business he sources divine boutique wines, not the nasty stuff we all remember with clean skins from years ago, and makes it so unbelievably easy to buy some wine, and support RWL among so many others. All you have to do is log onto Goodwill Wines. And you can start browsing and purchasing your wine which will be delivered to you. You can pay via credit card, or paypal. Please support people like David at Goodwill, and in turn RWL. You can purchase Vegan Wine, Mixed boxes or whatever is available that takes your fancy! Click on the link and start ordering! And thankyou for supporting us! Link to Goodwill wines


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Arty Schmarty came from a domestic violence home. The world is a big scary place for him and even if he knows you sometimes even that is too much for him. He is a very loving little man to me and Terry and just follows me everywhere.

The past year

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It’s nice to look back on the year past, at the work we have done – and the lives changed as a result. And it becomes apparent that Rescue Charities and groups are becoming ‘the go to place’ rather than a pound or shelter for a dog in need in the community – just by the sheer requests we have had over the past year. Often we are unable to help – and we try and recommend another alternative, or if we can take the little one in question into care, we again remain focused on the dog and not the circumstance. It is fair to say there are a number of reasons why animals are surrendered. Some are justified, some not so much. But the reason matters not, for once the decision is made it becomes a case of an animal in need. And through no fault of its own – can end up dying as a result. Our perspective is, this is part of our work, we accept it as we have little in the way of being able to dissuade an owner from the path they are on. Rescued With Love takes what it can, when it can. …