My name is Noah aka Fang, something about my bottom teef making me look like a fluffy bulldog.  Mum says I’m a really sweet boy who has lots of character packed into a little package. I’m at my happiest and braviest when my humans are with me. I love cuddles, belly rubs and riding shot gun in the doggy stroller. It’s the best.
Because my eyes don’t work that well, I get daily eye drops and also daily tablets for my high blood pressure. I hate care ride, so mum checks my blood pressure at home regularly and talks to RWL vets to make sure all is on track with me. 
Other than not liking car rides, I don’t like being left alone. Mum says I’m over dramatic but I think that’s an exaggeration. I love my humans and want them near me were I can keep them safe. Don’t let my size fool you, I’m an awesome guard dog. I always alert them when someone is at the door or the neighbours door or the door on tv and any suspect nosie, to be sure. Really, I don’t know how they managed without me all these years! Mum agrees , they are very lucky to have me