Goodwill Wines

David who runs Goodwill Wines lost everything, his home and his job in the Black Saturday Bushfires. Amazed at the kindness and support of the Community he decided to give something back. That became “Goodwill Wines” where 50% of his profits are donated to Charities. Not only does David run the business he sources divine boutique wines, not the nasty stuff we all remember with clean skins from years ago, and makes it so unbelievably easy to buy some wine, and support RWL among so many others. All you have to do is log onto Goodwill Wines. And you can start browsing and purchasing your wine which will be delivered to you. You can pay via credit card, or paypal. Please support people like David at Goodwill, and in turn RWL. You can purchase Vegan Wine, Mixed boxes or whatever is available that takes your fancy! Click on the link and start ordering! And thankyou for supporting us! Link to Goodwill wines


Arty Schmarty came from a domestic violence home. The world is a big scary place for him and even if he knows you sometimes even that is too much for him. He is a very loving little man to me and Terry and just follows me everywhere.

The past year

It’s nice to look back on the year past, at the work we have done – and the lives changed as a result. And it becomes apparent that Rescue Charities and groups are becoming ‘the go to place’ rather than a pound or shelter for a dog in need in the community – just by the sheer requests we have had over the past year. Often we are unable to help – and we try and recommend another alternative, or if we can take the little one in question into care, we again remain focused on the dog and not the circumstance. It is fair to say there are a number of reasons why animals are surrendered. Some are justified, some not so much. But the reason matters not, for once the decision is made it becomes a case of an animal in need. And through no fault of its own – can end up dying as a result. Our perspective is, this is part of our work, we accept it as we have little in the way of being able to dissuade an owner from the path they are on. Rescued With Love takes what it can, when it can. …

Share the Love

Share on Facebook

A very simple and effective way of helping an animal find a home can be as simple as pressing the “share” button on Facebook. We’ve helped many dogs all over Australia and some as far as the US, into homes by simply letting people know they’re there. So please join us on Facebook and, when we post a dog in need – help us by sharing them.

The Story of Patrick


A few months ago we offered to take on Patrick from RSPCA Qld. Patrick, you see was covered in enormous tumours all over his rear and back legs. Patrick weighed 18 kgs, and for a small dog was in a lot of pain. It took three surgeries to remove the major tumours, one weighed over 1.5 kg alone. With the care of this foster Mum and Dad Michelle and Matt, Patrick thrived and is now able to walk around the block. He will, due to RWL, have a chance at a long and happy life. That is the value of what Rescue Charities can do. When a shelter has a medical issue dog, working with rescue groups means the dog can have surgery and recover in a home. It is a vital part of our community’s expectations. And we are happy to fulfil it.  

What we do


The best thing to explain what we do is our before and after photos. We’ve had dogs in care for months, sometimes years. This is due to the type of issues the dogs face when they come to us – and their specialist needs – often it is a case of basic vet work and then off to a happy home. RWL was designed for the elderly with medical issues – and it can take us longer to treat, stabilise and find the homes suitable for them.  We have done everything from removing tumours, to heart surgery. From removing eyes, to ear surgery. Whatever is needed, we will do it. One of the most exciting is restoring sight to dogs who are blind from cataracts. But the ones we love the most are the gentle sweet souls who are so brave with their issues – and show that they still want a good life.  And RWL will do our best to give them that.  

The beginning of RWL


For some reason, one day, I thought our little schnauzer Ernie, might need a doggie mate. Onto the internet, and I fell onto a site called Dogzonline. There it had breeders of everything, and a section called Rescue. The day I clicked on that, was the day our lives changed. I started to read a story about a dog in Canberra, a cute little old Maltese – who had been thrown over the fence at the Canberra Pound. He was microchipped and his name was “Bludger”. The name upset me so much – that his family thought that of him. His owner, a woman had been contacted and she said she would come and collect him. Being microchipped he would be held for 14 days. Every day I checked on the site, and every day he was still there. There wasn’t much noise from Rescue about taking him on, he was older and needed a dental, his mouth was really bad. On day 11 I read a post by a Rescuer about Bludger. He had died overnight in the pen, probably due to the infection in his mouth. That little dog called Bludger, unwanted by his family, died in pain, …

Our New Website

It’s been a long time coming but our old site was getting a little dated. Needing to keep up with new technology, to free up some of our time and to make sure that we give the best experience to our supporters, we’re very excited to unveil our new website! We wanted to keep it simple, but attractive and interesting. We hope we’ve achieved that balance. The new website was designed with ease of user experience in mind, and having functionality that works across the various platforms. We know how frustrating it was for our supporters when our old website wouldn’t play nice with their new phones. We now have features that free up a little of our time, by feeding straight from Facebook and Petrescue, so we can spend less time on duplicating information in various places which gives us more time to spend on our animals. We have replaced what was known as the Dog Diary, with a feed straight from Facebook, called “The Daily”, so for those of you without Facebook, you will still be able to keep up with the daily goings on. We’ve added a blog so we can keep important things highlighted. We’ve made …