The past year

Patch-after1It’s nice to look back on the year past, at the work we have done – and the lives changed as a result. And it becomes apparent that Rescue Charities and groups are becoming ‘the go to place’ rather than a pound or shelter for a dog in need in the community – just by the sheer requests we have had over the past year. Often we are unable to help – and we try and recommend another alternative, or if we can take the little one in question into care, we again remain focused on the dog and not the circumstance.

It is fair to say there are a number of reasons why animals are surrendered. Some are justified, some not so much. But the reason matters not, for once the decision is made it becomes a case of an animal in need. And through no fault of its own – can end up dying as a result. Our perspective is, this is part of our work, we accept it as we have little in the way of being able to dissuade an owner from the path they are on.

Rescued With Love takes what it can, when it can. We take surrenders, the ill, the elderly, the unwanted. We take from Pounds who work with us, and from Shelters who send lists of animals needing Rescue. Social media has the biggest impact for us – as many of the community will send us messages about animals in need they think we can help. As we say, there are always more. Recently we had a case of two small dogs that we were taking who had been at a vet clinic while their owner was in hospital. Driving there, the owner decided unbeknown to us to euthanise her dogs. It was a tough pill to swallow. But this week we had a lovely little man come to us in a similar circumstance and he is now looking forward to a new loving life.

The doors are always open at RWL when we can, if we can. That is the best we can do.

Kae Norman