Snowie is our dear little old man. He was adopted out by us a few years back (he was known as Walter then) but so very sadly his mum passed away. Snowie came back to us very low vision and had a hard time settling at first but now he is just so happy and at home so will be spending the rest of his days right where he is, with RWL, as a foundation dog. He is 16 years old and sleeps most of the day away but in the evenings he’s up and about. He doesn’t like to eat much in the mornings but has his 4 small meals each night, spaced an hour apart so he gets enough food in him to keep him healthy! Snowie is low vision and low hearing but he does really well except in bright sun and outside at night. He has a blocked tear duct which means his eye always weeps and is prone to infections and inflammation, so that needs to be kept clean and medicated as needed. Snowie is on pain meds for arthritis, occasional eye meds and a special diet to help keep his weight on.