Jean-Louise came to us from a hoarding situation where she only weighed 1.5 kgs. Now a healthy 3.2 kgs she has had surgery to repair her untreated dislocated hip, and is doing well. She is a timid little girl, and still has more surgeries to go which will be done in time. Meanwhile she loves her sisters Clemie and Baby Girl, and loves her cuddles and particularly her food! Jean is known as The Smile Maker and The Heart Healer. You can see why!


Bambi is one of our more complicated Foundation Dogs with diabetes and a thyroid issue but are very well controlled with medications, special diet and exercise.  She also suffers from cirrhosis of the liver which is progressing, and we manage this with more medications.  Recently she was unwell and we found her liver function was declining but she appears to be stabilising again and is her happy self, she loves getting out and about and is loving life.


Little Woody has been through a lot this year. At 12 years, he is getting on, but some days you wouldn’t even know he was now blind!   Earlier this year he had a cataract operation that was unsuccessful, leading to the removal of his left eye. As he was already blind in his other eye – he now has regular check ups with the Eye Vet and daily drops to maintain a good eye pressure.  The clever little Woody can navigate stairs and the doggy door on his own now!  He is such a sweet friendly little chap who loves every human and every dog and cat he meets.  He lives with two fluffy cats and they all get along so well! Woody is a smoother, and loves tug of war with his toys, and short walks.  Those big butterfly papillon ears make him look even cuter.  Thank you to everyone who supports Woody and RWL. 


My name is Noah aka Fang, something about my bottom teef making me look like a fluffy bulldog.  Mum says I’m a really sweet boy who has lots of character packed into a little package. I’m at my happiest and braviest when my humans are with me. I love cuddles, belly rubs and riding shot gun in the doggy stroller. It’s the best.Because my eyes don’t work that well, I get daily eye drops and also daily tablets for my high blood pressure. I hate care ride, so mum checks my blood pressure at home regularly and talks to RWL vets to make sure all is on track with me. Other than not liking car rides, I don’t like being left alone. Mum says I’m over dramatic but I think that’s an exaggeration. I love my humans and want them near me were I can keep them safe. Don’t let my size fool you, I’m an awesome guard dog. I always alert them when someone is at the door or the neighbours door or the door on tv and any suspect nosie, to be sure. Really, I don’t know how they managed without me all these years! Mum agrees , they …


Oliver is a darling older gent with severe arthritis. This little man loves being where his people are and sleeping in next to them. He slowly sneaks up on his foster dad’s pillow and loves a good cuddle in bed. Has loves his trit trots around the neighbourhood but we’ve slowed down a little. Ollie greets every passer-by with a really big tail wag, but will still flinch and shy away if someone comes too close too quickly. His arthiritis is being managed with strong pain killers and he adores his soothing baths – often with his foster mumma, where he falls asleep on her lap.


Snowie is our dear little old man. He was adopted out by us a few years back (he was known as Walter then) but so very sadly his mum passed away. Snowie came back to us very low vision and had a hard time settling at first but now he is just so happy and at home so will be spending the rest of his days right where he is, with RWL, as a foundation dog. He is 16 years old and sleeps most of the day away but in the evenings he’s up and about. He doesn’t like to eat much in the mornings but has his 4 small meals each night, spaced an hour apart so he gets enough food in him to keep him healthy! Snowie is low vision and low hearing but he does really well except in bright sun and outside at night. He has a blocked tear duct which means his eye always weeps and is prone to infections and inflammation, so that needs to be kept clean and medicated as needed. Snowie is on pain meds for arthritis, occasional eye meds and a special diet to help keep his weight on.


Arty Schmarty came from a domestic violence home. The world is a big scary place for him and even if he knows you sometimes even that is too much for him. He is a very loving little man to me and Terry and just follows me everywhere.