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RWL is often requested by animal welfare organisations to take on special needs dogs. This is our passion.  We love to care and treat and rehome those who are often unable to be rehoused through shelters due to medical issues or conditions requiring specialist treatment. To do our work we often find we spend thousands of dollars on one dog. Why? Because one life saved is the most important thing for us.  We could never look the other way – and let a life pass if we have the ability to help that loving soul survive.

Most of the time – we don’t ask for donations because you are already donating. But we do reach humps where we need help, and now is one of them. Not for a moment do we regret spending money on Jimmy, Suki, Alfie, or Banjo. It is what we are here for. We work for you.  We do what you want us to do – and are set up for it – while you possibly might not be. You desire it, and we do it.  It is a great, and sympathetic relationship.

Not only do we rehome these special dogs into the most wonderful homes, we keep those in RWL who don’t find a home due to medical conditions which could see them as palliative. We care for them for life. It is our joy to care for these little ones – unlike many other Rescues who only rehome – we offer hospice care and love for dogs like Charlie (Pictured) who is 18 years old and stole our collective hearts.

Do you know someone who would like to donate to us? Perhaps now is the time to show them what we do. It would be lovely to have more people know what we do.

So we have a number of ways we thought it might suit you to donate.

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