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Teddy is a snorer. :) He also had quite an upset tummy last night which could be just a change of diet, or stress, but he seems okay this morning.  He has had some coughing through the night, so we will check his blood results on Monday, and probably do X-rays on his chest when we do his dental on Thursday.  We might need to adjust his heart medication. Thanks to lovely Lisa who have him a bath and a groom, he really does look gorgeous, like a new man.

Have a lovely weekend everyone - hopefully we get some good news back on all our foster bubs who came this week.
Buddy had a reasonably good night with a few coughing episodes which are quite significant.  We have started him on heart medication, have taken bloods, and will do chest X-rays next week.
He takes himself out into the garden, and comes up the stairs no problem at all.  We will settle him in for the coming days - and just take it one step at a time.

We are so glad he is in RWL. x
Today we paid it forward and we know you don't mind when we do, if we can.
A social worker contacted us and a fellow and his cat are living in a tent in a park.  His cat had a sore eye and needed treatment.  So today the lovely Catrina, saw the vet and had some medication for her eye.
The staff noticed she had flea dirt so we purchased flea treatment, and also gave her a vaccination.
We did offer food and a bed, but her owner had those covered.  It was great to be able to help when it was needed so much.
Wishing Catrina, a speedy recovery. x
Thank you to those who have voted for us in the $50,000 SavourLife Donation Project.

It looks like we are only a couple of votes from second place!

Could you share please, or vote if you haven't on the link below - we would be absolutely grateful.

kind thanks xx
I got this message from Arthur's foster Mum yesterday.
"King Arthur won’t sleep in the big soft beds I have
spread around the lounge/dining areas. 
Unfortunately he prefers the floor ☹️ so I put 
down two soft rugs on top of each other and he chose that. Hopefully soon he’ll choose the beds. I’ll keep putting him in them until he realises they’re much softer and warmer."

The good news is, after dinner, Arthur snuggled into one of the beds and promptly fell asleep.  Yay.
We would like to introduce you to 16 yo Pippa who came into care yesterday.  Pippa has a cancerous tumour on her back leg which unfortunately cannot be completely removed unless her leg is amputated.
We have done a vet visit and I will update you more on her health issues a little later, but she is a darling soul, and we are so happy she is with us.
Welcome Pippa.x
Apparently King Arthur (as he is now named) barracks for the could be the influence of a certain foster Mama, we aren't sure....

So who does your little one barrack for? :)
Ex RWL gal Gigi has done a Bun Run.
Going to Bunnings means lots of attention - something she adores!
Hi lovely RWL Village,
We know some of you are getting the not so gentlemanly callers asking you to befriend them.

Please do not respond to these people - we know they are there, and we ban them!

Apologies for the inconvenience, just bear with us - they don't belong on our page, and never will! 

The RWL Team.
ex RWL girl Willow - and her little best friend.  How gorgeous is that? x
The beautiful Gigi has settled into her new home a treat and we just LOVE getting updates.  A happy little soul is the best. x
Mum June is keeping up Mum Jane's love for Maggie - and we are overcome with such love. Thank you Fee - and everyone who made this possible. x
As you know part of RWL is to have Foundation Dogs - and Alice who is 14 and has heart issues and liver disease will stay with us for life.
While her liver issues are quite serious - she is living a happy and comfy life - with the sunniest disposition.

She has quite a few accidents inside and now wears her 'sunny undies' to match her personality!  We just adore little Alice - and would like to thank you for your ongoing support to help us help them.
Go Alice.
Happy Sunday!!  Here is little Arthur.  He is fresh and clean from a groom and doing well for 17yrs of age. His bloods are okay, although his liver enzymes are raised, as his lipase, so we will feed him home cooked lower fat options.  He is on pain medication for his arthritis, and we have organised more as a back up in case he needs it during the cold months ahead.  So, warm toasty bed? Tick. Pain relief? Tick. Love? Tick. Tick. Tick.  

We know many of you were upset about Arthur being up in the shelter to be euthanised.  It is why RWL was started - and it is what we do - these vulnerable ones are out clients.  We won't speculate anymore on owners etc - most times we don't meet them, and don't know the full story - and we don't ask.  It is better for all of us to focus on the positive.  The help, the compassion, and have understanding.  Be proactive.  The shelter staff called us - they saved his life - we joined hands with them.  Thank you Shelter staff.  

Arthur, we hope will be around for a while, so expect some Arthur spam to come your way.

Enjoy his journey with us. X
Good Morning, Flora is wishing everyone a happy election weekend here in Australia! Stay warm as it's freezing, and enjoy some fun
Our gorgeous Kipling started puppy play school this week..he is exhausted from all the fun and games. His homework this week is learning to sit
Our beautiful lady in red Ms Maple says hello, and hope everyone is having a wonderful hump day ❤️
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