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Sometimes we can't tell you everything.  You know why - it is for the safety of those involved, usually the pets, and sometimes people who have trusted us and gone over and above to help animals in need - and they come into care with us.

This is one of those cases.

So please be kind with us.

In the past 10 days we have picked up two little girls - both very neglected.  They are around 11-12 years of age, and weigh around 2-4 kgs max.

Teeny little souls.  And sweet as.  And timid.
We have cleaned, groomed, bathed, and done all their vet work and they are recovering.  To say they are delightful is an understatement. Both are healthy - although have ear infections which are ongoing.

We are going to be looking for homes for them.  Off the record so to speak. :)

They can go together, or can be adopted separately - but if we do that - you must have another little bubba to keep them company.

I'm sorry we can't show you photos - but they are very cute, very sweet, and little.

So if you would like to apply - for one or both - head to our website at and fill in the adoption form for us - and send it in. We will be in touch if your home is suitable.  Previous RWL adopters we would love to see you apply too.

I'll apologize again for all the rules - just trying to do the right thing and with trusting those, who trusted us.

Love Kae x
Little Mimi is on the mend and doing great after her ear surgery - thank you so much to our very kind, and loyal donors. x
Pandora's second house check pulled out so we are now waiting for her forever family to come along and find her. :)
We know there is someone out there.
We just KNOW IT.

For all info
Twitch is in for some tests on Thursday - hopefully nothing too serious.
Wish us luck!
We have desk and wall calendars so hop in quick folks!
Thank you for your patience!

For all inquiries - please email Joanna at
Hold tight folks!  Our wall and desk calendars are not far away!
We will let you know when they are ready to go so stay tuned!
Our older statesman, and gentleman around town Sir Twitch is in pretty good shape.  We need to check a couple of things that have come back on his bloods but on the whole it is all good.

Next Thursday we will have him in for a little bit of sedation, some X-rays and an ACTH stimulation test to rule out (or rule in)  Cushings.

Meanwhile he has throttled his new flamingo and deflated a ball - so all is good in Twitchville!
We have our own "Game of Thrones".  Most in the realm participate but there are a few who take it as far as Kween, Baby Girl and dare I say it my own person wart - Flower.

Kween in the morning likes to be near the fire, and Baby Girl because she gets bounced around by the wobbling ferret prefers to be on the sofa with a soft snuggle where she can sleep in peace.  Unless The Mummy's knee is available then all bets are off.

Kween was lifted onto the sofa and promptly put herself in the vacated pod. Casual as you like with one shapely leg lolling over the side for a bit of a Renoir nude in the pod look.

Flo Po's bed is a hot destination.  It is next to The Mummy chair and next to the heater - and it's hers.  And everyone wants to try it out.

First thing in the morning Kween has a sit in it until I tell her to move it - and then Baby Girl will sit in it until she gets lifted up into her pod - but the one who is really enjoying it is Miss P. (The Peanut).

Miss P being deaf, and friends with everyone, and having no filter other than 'it's fun, is this fun, oh boy fun" has no concept she is being bullied by the cartwheeling alien.

Squeaking away in indignation, a bullying attempt is made to remove all intruders from her bed.  She stands and wobbles, and gets up their grill - but the Peanut is oblivious.  This makes the ferret even more obsessed and the pressure intensifies along with the squeaking turning to squealing and the occassional honk (none of which the Peanut can hear) as well as a number of dubious dismounts across the carpet.

Eventually the Peanut decides she has had enough of the bed and moves off to have another go at a toy.  Kween is over on the bed stack by the window plotting world domination, and Baby Girl is panting like a lion in the midday sun because as hot as she is in front of the fire - giving up poll position to anyone (infront of the fire) is not to be borne.

Willy is pacing the kitchen after his second medication - as we wait until he is ready to have his breakfast and Jean-Louise is on the back of the sofa waiting like the little lady she is for her food to be served.  In a pink bowl. Neatly chopped, so she can sit as she eats one piece at a time.  Unlike William who stuffs his head face first into the food and sends it across the floor nomming it and spraying it with slobber (to be scooped up in between).

The Peanut and Baby Girl eat silently with great intent, Kween gets hers served on her bed ("don't you move now Clemie") and the wart bounces her food all over the rug the floor and woody woodpeckers her breakfast at 100 miles per hour, legs splayed and then wobbles with a determined grin over to Kween's bowl which is her target. Kween sees this and waits like a moray eel under a rock - and Flo Po is immediately scooped up and saved from what would be an embarrassing loss - big time.

But still, a girl has to have a go right?
The gorgeous Ron dog for some schnauzer spam.  Who doesn't this happy face?
After weeks and weeks little Yori has finally put on .2 of a kilo.  You've got this Yori....
Now at a hefty 2.2kg....
We are getting a lot of people wanting to adopt Twitch.
Please - he isn't ready okay?
Twitch had his first assessment yesterday and we have taken bloods, he has a skin infection and he has meds for that, and we are working through a few things because he has a cough and we want to make sure it's nothing nasty.

Twitch LOVES balls.  LOVES them.  He is going to have lots of balls in his life.  Meanwhile he is doing beautifully in his home, and at 17 years we will make sure he gets everything he needs.

Please be patient with us.  We don't want to miss anything and let him down.
Luca had some stitches removed yesterday and a cartrophen injection to help him recover.  He is weight bearing on his leg that had the surgery and is such a gorgeous little man, never complaining.
He will be with us for  a little while yet - but we love how far he has come.
Yesterday Mimi has had successful surgery but she is not very well today.  We are in contact with the vet and will keep you posted.
It is a massive surgery and she needed it done after suffering for years. :( the Specialist has taken a culture of what was deep in her ear and we will see what that comes back with.
Recovery at home is so important but we always follow veterinary advice - and don't hesitate to ask if we need help.

I'm driving to Melbourne shortly to do some help some of the needy ones.  So I'm going to leave this with you all - and hope when I get home tonight that we will be okay. :)

The girls in RWL will keep an eye on you for the day and answer any questions you might have - so I will say thank you in advance.

Mimi's specialist ear surgery will be around $5000-$6000 but two of the art pieces have bids so thank you to those lovely people who have pledged to buy them - we are looking at raising $4,000 today.

Monday is a new week right?  A new start?
I will leave it with you all.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart as always.
Love Kae xx
We have a rock star in the house apparently.  Quite the Diva. There are just not enough words to describe this swinging alien devil.
We are SO full of ourselves. Bouncing, rocking, squeaking, prancing.  The level of attention required is dialled up at maximum.
We now run at the fence and bark like a goon - with the others.  Okay so we might fall in the odd shrub - but it's all about effort here.  We eat out of Willy's bowl, no mean feat because he would eat the leg off a chair, and we stand close up your grill if you are in her bed.   And we like toys.  Everyone else's.

We are like an in your face, wind up dancing pretzel.
With 'tude
Our perfect boy Twitch - at 17 years young is sublime divine.
He loves cats, loves dogs, loves children, loves people, is meticulously housetrained, eats beautifully and has the sunniest of natures.
He slept all night and is ready to start his new life!  Early this week we will see him at the clinic for a checkover by Dylan.

According to his Mum he is worth his weight in gold.
When you are 17 years old - and your family has been called by the Council 12 times to collect you - and they don't.......guess where you come instead?
After three months, our Willy has no lesions or flare ups. Keep everything crossed folks.
We are still treating hard and daily - until our next Skin Vet visit in about a week.
Stay tuned. x
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