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Meet the sublime divine 12 month old Cavvie X boy Bert.

Bert is gorgeous.
Bert is sweet
Bert is gentle.
Bert is blind.

Bert is not ready for adoption so please don't ask! :)

More coming soon. x
Hello from Matthew!  Here is our little happy nugget - although we aren't very happy with the Vet! LOL.

So far so good, I will update you more a little later on. x
I've just received a message from RSPCA SA, one of our 8 dogs has passed away.

Herbert was only 4 years old and was struck with acute renal failure.  He was on IV fluids and all treatment, but it was so bad, he died.

I always feel the loss and uselessness - the absolute waste of a life ending inside a shelter.  It should never be. And he was so close to having an amazing future, but it was not for him.

Vale Herbert, a candle is lit for you and your journey.
We are taking more dogs today, and in the coming days.

A little blind boy, and two little girls who have not had the easiest of lives. I will fill you in on how we go - and we are glad to be able to help these bubs transition into their new lives with you all beside us.

I was chatting quickly with Digby last night - and he has been reading all of your posts!  One thing he cannot get over the is group feeling of togetherness - he said you are extraordinary - I think so too.

Thinking of the years of doing market stalls and making $150, and all of the pet store days, the fundraisers like the Dinners, we have certainly moved with the times.  I say this with all honesty - asking you here if you can help us - makes things SO less complicated, and time friendly for all of us at RWL.  You have literally changed our lives and the way we run RWL.  

It is SUCH a gift.

Anyway tomorrow Digby is flying down from Brisbane early - around 5 am - and I will get all the details from him, so you can follow his flight.  Once he is in Adelaide, we have gorgeous friends meeting him at the airport with our Little 8 (as we keep calling them) after collecting from RSPCA SA.

Photos will be taken! 

Then on to Melbourne - with a twist. :) Casually Digby mentioned he could land anywhere I liked. Ooooooh.  Moorrabbin?  Which is closer to all of us.... yes......oooooh Tyabb? down on the Peninsula?  Well.......YES!

I couldn't be happier.  This means about 3 hours less driving - and hours less of being a crate for the dogs.  And we will arrive at our destination earlier - and start settling the dogs in after a fairly hectic day for them.

To be clear - they are going into pens for the first night.  I am cooking them all turkey to settle their tummies (hopefully they will enjoy it) and they can roam around in small groups and settle.

Sunday - is grooming day.  A group of very kind women, along with some of us from RWL - are going to spend the day grooming.  Then they are going to be ready to have their vet assessments - and then go into care.

We needed them all to be together.  We needed a landing place for them all to be safe.  They will be in homes very soon.  And we have some families wanting to adopt - so that is even better.

Digby will fly from Tyabb to Essendon (approx 12 mins) and overnight - then head back to Brissy on Sunday.

He will have his co pilot Cody with him AND they are using the same aircraft that flew Matthew down!

Monday we are seeing Dylan for an ultrasound with Jasmine.  Darling Jas has had a couple of scary episodes, and we need to check her heart.  We have all fingers crossed we can help some way with medication and ease her condition.

Finn is having his stitches out on Thursday - he is cone free now leaving his stitches alone, and although we can't see a huge difference in his leg position - he is managing.  He is happy.  We are talking all sorts of options - but more conservative - and apart from a surgery on his other leg if it is required - that will be it.  No more surgery.  He will be as he is - and we will manage him. And love him more.

Ripley has a housecheck, Hazel needs an eye check, Tinkie is having a groom, Misty is having her stitches out and we are booking her in for a groom also.  William's treatment is ongoing but we are managing - and treating the lesions as they come up with cream and spray - and he will need a blood test and an X-ray on his heart soon.

There is always more.

We are going to be glued to computer and bringing you as many updates as we can.

Wishing you all a happy Friday. x
Little Dubby - aka Sir Dublin was nodding off in the sun today - and what a lovely way to end a busy day.
Thank you everyone - for your wonderful support - we are going to get this sorted as quickly as we can on the weekend.  

Enjoy your evening. x
Our fundraising campaign is ready to go!

For the 8 little ones from Adelaide to come to us in Melbourne.

Please click on the link, and thank you so much for your kindness as always.
love The RWL Girls.
Waking up at 3 am and planning what I need to do today to make the Adelaide 8 a seamless reality.
I will update you as we go. :)

The fundraiser is about to go up - if you can help out with that during the day it would be great, thank you. x

I hunting around for a van with 8 crates (I have a few and I would like the dogs to all be separated for now) to save the carers doing all the driving - I will drive up and pick them up and drop them off.

We have groomers!  Thank you everyone, that is sorted.  Sunday is going to be Spa and Therapy day for all.

I have transporters from RSPCA SA to the airport sorted with crates. Tick.  

All paperwork is on the move, MOU's, histories of the bubs vet to vet, emails are zipping back and forth.

Digby is on board! He has a different aircraft this time, so standby for more info on our good pilot friend.

I am getting some photos today I will post them so you can see who you are helping.

Will update you soon. :)
Hazel is doing beautifully.  Her eyes are so much better but we need to do a recheck in a week or so - as they still become gunky from Dry Eye.  We have adjusted her medication once, maybe we need to do it again.

She is the sweetest of souls, and just a darling heart. And so pretty.  We love you Hazel. x

Today I received a call out from RSPCA SA.  They have We have currently over 110 dog in their care at the shelter (73 on the attached list) and the rest are Hold dogs - and more coming in.

Could we take any dogs to empty some pens?

I checked the list - and there were 9 smalls.  I rang and spoke to my lovely friend at RSPCA SA and asked would it help if I could find a spot for all 9?  The answer was yes.

There are not often smalls in shelters as you know - this time these babies were from a hoarding situation and were incredibly stressed in the pens, in the shelter.

I rang a close friend who has worked with me over the years - and presto - yes, she could take them.  Because of the backlog of so many animals in the RSPCA - these babes would sit for a while in the shelter - now - they will have the chance to come out - and be triaged and treated early this week coming.

Transporting 8 dogs via road is hard on the dogs.  These ones are already stressed.  I called my friend Digby at Animal Air Rescue and casually asked, "What are you doing on the weekend?" :)

Digby - bless him has re organised his life and is going to fly down from Brisbane to Adelaide, pick up the 8 babies, and bring them to Melbourne.  They will leave around 2 pm - and be with us by 4 pm local time.

If don't by road it would be a 10-11 hour journey in a crate.  With stops. These dogs are matted, stressed and need our help.

I've asked Digby to give me a cost and all he is charging us for again is fuel.  It will be just over the $3K mark.  

For 8 shattered little lives - I thought it was worth asking you again - can we do this raise the funds for these babies?

I am getting good photos of the babies tomorrow - I have some blurry ones only.  A few of us from RWL are going to drive and meet Digby at the aircraft in Essendon and loaded with crates we will pick up the bubs and take them to my friend where we can start grooming and cleaning them up.

Their new life will begin on Saturday.

Do you think we can do this?
Little Finn is a happy little nugget.  He is recovering well - although does like to nibble his stitches.  He is having his physio like a champ and eats and sleeps like a dream.
RWL Foundation girl Tinkie is considering all options for today.  Or meditating.  Or she hasn't had her morning coffee yet....
Our Matthew has landed.  A huge team effort by so many behind the scenes as you can imagine.  I want to thank Digby and Cody of Animal Air Rescue - who was just extraordinary to deal with.  Along with the shelter staff in Townsville, everyone has been so brilliant.
And while RWL didn't have room for Matthew - one of my close friends is going to foster Matthew through his rehabilitation - so stay tuned.  Together I don't know how many years and how many dogs  - we have managed to work like this - and save lives.

Most of all I want to thank all of you.  The spirit you took this all in - made me so proud to be part of an Australian Rescue Mission from the top of our country to safely 'south of the border'. :)
It was so thrilling, and pleasurable to read everyone's posts today! 

Please follow Digby and Cody @Animal_Air_Rescue on both Instagram and Facebook - and like their page.  The more people know about this - the more lives will be saved.

As AAR is still in it's infancy it needs people to support and like their work.

I would say Operation Matthew was a resounding success - due to the can do attitude and the generosity from all of you.

So on behalf of Team Matthew, i will say thank you.  And I will update you more on Matthew tomorrow. x
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