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Our darling man, Oliver, has had x-rays of his neck. These showed he has quite severe arthritis :(  He's been started on a nice little concoction of pain meds and they are making a big difference. 

But the good news today - yes more good news!!!!!, is that the biopsy on the lump on his mouth came back benign.

Today, we count our blessings. 

After finding out her tumours are benign today, Winnie just wants to get out and live life!

She is feeling sooo much better after her infection and back to her cheeky self.

And we are breathing a BIG sigh of relief. Absolutely the best news!!!!
Asha in the office today, working hard...... on her napping!
Pretty little Flora likes to sit at foster mum Joanna's feet in her lovely leisurewear, kindly donated by YAP WEAR.

Our YAP WEAR fundraiser finishes tomorrow. Find all the details here
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A big thank you to YAPWEAR for this amazing offer and a big thank you to those who support us xx
It was our darling Ex RWL bub Stella's 3rd Gotcha day last week 🎉
3 years of living theee best life.
So very loved ❤❤❤
Little Noah Bear, the cutest of all critters 😍

Aunty Barb didn't just send him the halo she made him yesterday, so he doesn't bump into things. She made him a teddy bear jumper too!
A halo, for a little Angel. 
Noah has just been fitted with his Hattie's Halo. 
He manages really well at home where he has things mapped out, but this will help him, particularly in new environments, so he doesn't bump into things.

As special Thank You to the very special Barb who has been making these by order for many years now with the proceeds going to Rescued With Love xx
Our poor Winnie has had a couple of unsettled days after this last op 🙁 and back and forward to the vets. Yesterday, she was at the vet in the morning, temp fine and doing much better, but by last night, it was a midnight run to the emergency vet with a really high temp and an oozing wound.
With antibiotics on board, she's eaten today, had a tail wag and we hope..... on the mend now ☝️
What's our little legend Maccy been up to? Oh you know, our little superstar is just modelling for a calendar - of course.
He'll be in the Kyneton farmers market calendar 😎📸📅
Arty Shmarty (RWL Foundation Bub), rockin' the trackies in honour of our Aussie Olympic legends.
When you have bed beard. And bed brows.  Guess who gave his Mama a little soft kick to get her up for breakfast?
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday from our little Toof man Noah.
Is it the Flying Nun?

Asking for a friend.......
How beautiful to get an update on Leo who was adopted from us 10 years ago.  Thank you Georgina and family for sharing this divine pic of your boy!
IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.....................

Dear Supporters,

Saving a life, and caring for a life, and knowing when to end a life is not rocket science.

All of you who have dogs, cats, horses, birds, wildlife, any animal, in your family will attest to this.

Let's stick with cats and dogs here, companion animals - just to keep things simple......

You rely on yourself to make judgements on whether you can save a cat or a dog.  You make a call, and through out the Community - the public, Australians, and those who   have decided to live here among us - you all make the call on what you can, and cannot do.

You do it with a sense of self guidance.  Understanding. Sometimes knowledge, or experience.  And the majority of you will seek expertise from a vet, or someone with whom you feel you can trust - to guide you to saving a life. And when to let them go.  With peace.

How many of you have taken in a rescue dog or cat (or any other animal) that has been ill, neglected, abused, in need of medical or behavioural assistance?

If you have, can you please post a black Square as I have done, with no comment.  Just the black square.

It would be great if everyone could follow this - although I know someone will want to comment. :( even if I ask you not to.

So you have saved a life, spent money on the one in need, often defying those around you who didn't believe you could save them, help them, treat them, love them, and give them a long and happy life, or even just a short time in the care of your love before they passed........

Again this afternoon I cried for a dog who had been killed.  A panel at the 'leading body of animal welfare in Australia' as they call themselves felt justified in taking this life.

What remains with me is this.  There are good people in that 'leading body' in Australia.

But the leading body who has the loudest voice - who shape the way legislation, Council, Pounds, Dept of Agriculture, POCTA and it is believed to be 'right'.

The only way.

The 'humane' way.

The knowledgeable way.

And yet YOU - who have probably not been involved in any of these Departments, Bodies, Councils, Pounds, Shelters, or Leading Bodies have in fact managed to do what none of them have done.

You have managed to save a life - they would have ended.

And more, you probably had that life live with you despite issues, such a medical and behavioural burden - because you believed in doing what is right.

I have wept today - bitterly, from the knowledge a PANEL thinks they make an informed decision on their skill, experience, knowledge, information and be paid for it.

Little have they thought - we do it all, for free.

The breathtaking arrogance, and astonishing ignorance is theirs.

And we will, in my lifetime, be governed by this attitude and leading body.

It makes me feel ill.  Distraught.

I see, learn, watch, study, and have personally experienced animal welfare in other countries, both poor nations, and very rich ones.  And I have seen more understanding of caring for animals by a person living on the streets than any panel.

I will ask you again to post the black square.  No comment.
And let us, as the public, the community, indeed Australians of all walks of life, beliefs, religion and circumstance continue to save lives - and do what is right.

God knows - the panel is not the answer.

With much love
Kae  x

Oliver is doing much better today. He slept all night, scoffed his food and for the first time didn't buckle and fall when he toileted. A soft little collar is on for now, as he wants to nibble at his stitches, but this little man is improving every day!
We had a rough night post surgery at RWL last night after having three in for surgery yesterday.

Ruby was desexed and she was through surgery okay.  She will be ready for adoption soon - so stay tuned.

Oliver had X-rays on his hind quarters, was desexed and had a dental with all his teeth removed. :( He had a lump in his mouth as well - and this was removed, we will send off to pathology to find out what we are dealing with.  He is a little brighter this morning.

Little Winnie had a rough night and she is now back at the clinic and is having a much needed nap to help her recover after such a long surgery yesterday.  She will have her mammary tumours sent to pathology also for a diagnosis to let us know what we are dealing with.  Our vets are watching her closely and we will update you on her progress later today.

Meanwhile Asha's check up at the vet clinic was good - for which we are so grateful.

More later when we hear from our Vet team.
Our Asha is coping well on her heart meds since giving us a scare recently.  She is eating and relaxing and doing life in style as you can see.  Mum Nadine has a firm eye on her - and she is off to the vet later today because we like to feast on our feet a bit tooooooo much lately.  So we will get her heart checked and fluid level and hopefully all will be stable for now.

Go Asha Bear. :) x
Our beautiful, divine Winnie Woo is going in for her third major surgery.

First she had both her eyes removed due to glaucoma.  She recovered incredibly fast, and didn't miss a beat.

Second she had an entire mammary chain stripped due to mammary tumours all up and down one side.  This is a massive surgery - but she rocked it like a boss.

Today she is having her third (and we hope final surgery) where we remove the remaining mammary tumours on the other side.

Please folks, always desex your pets.  If Winnie had been desexed when young she wouldn't be facing this now.

Winnie is THE most special of girls.  Gentle and smart, she loves toys, and plays hard to win with them.  Kind and sweet, she has thrived beautifully in care.  We adore our Winnie - absolutely adore her.  Good luck today special one.
Bams had a lockdown excursion to her favourite vets yesterday to check her glucose levels. Unfortunately they are still too high (17). 🥲 Back in 2 weeks for a further check.

Bambi as you know is diabetic so we keep a very close eye on her at all times. Insulin twice daily and watching her food intake - and monitor, monitor, monitor.

Go Bams.
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