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"I do love a scrag fight ," says little Essie, aka Vladimir Putin.  As Dad was giving my 16 yr old sister Romy Bom her medication in a ball I wanted that ball too.  Being half blind and full of bad business I went for it, and Rom Bom, the gentlest of all decided to defend her meatball.  As you do.

And so I have had a trip to the vet.  Yep.  Proudly showed off my face to everyone in the waiting room who sat looking in horror.

"OMG, was she attacked?"

"No, " I said, jiggling the little monster on my knee in her pale pink blankie, with her pale pink harness, and leash, with blood oozing from her eyelid, "she started it."

Their mouths make a big OOOOOOOOHHHH, and subtly shift away from us - the brawlers.

Vet Dylan has discovered a tear in the bottom eye lid - and it will require stitches tomorrow.  Smugs is beside herself.  Blood AND a scar.  It matches the puncture she has on her stomach from when she took on the head prefect Clementine last week, and had blood dripping from underneath.  Another trip to the vet, antibiotics and pain relief - she is hoping this also leaves a scar.  How COOL, she says.

I've told Vlad - cut it out.  Leave her alone.  Don't do it.  Get away Smug Bug, Essie, NOOOOOOO - and she pretty much listens but her inner cactus has a pretty loud voice and sometimes she just can't hear me.  Smugs is beside herself that she has a WOUND she can show everyone.

I try to dress her in pink.  I try to make her a lady.  But honest to God, I think she is one of those grumpy old Gladys ladies - with an osti frock and sensible walkers and a large handbag for belting people.
Dakota is a five month old rescue kitty at Balwyn Veterinary Surgery

I met her today and she is absolutely beautiful. She's such a calm, cool collected kitten. 

No bouncing off the walls and climbing the curtains for her! She's way too demure for that! She'd prefer to pose for the paparazzi, or put her paw up to stop that camera when it's not aimed at her best side 🤣😎

Dakota's sibling was just adopted and now she's waiiting, waiting, waiting every so patiently for her turn. But being the good girl she is, she's taking it all in her stride.

Seriously though, this girl is divine - all enquiries to Balwyn Veterinary Surgery
Here I am; Mindy ☺️ Foster Mum Jo is head over heels in love with me, because why wouldn’t she be.
I mean not only am I gorgeous: I’m always up for a girly chat - I love my food. Mork and I are going along like two peas in a pod: of course we would.....Mork & Mindy!!

And I also fit in a bag; Mumma Jo is going to have to keep a very very close eye on all my adoring foster aunties at RWL - she knows to check those bags before they leave.

You most definitely can’t have a Mork without a Mindy 💕
Little Mindy met Gem at Irene's yesterday and was quite content to share a bed 🤣Look how little she is!! 😍

She's been at the vet today getting things checked out. Bloods and a urine test. We have a grade 5 heart murmur, a little mammary lump and a very snotty and snuffly nose. We'll find out more when tests come back and sort out a plan for her then xx 

She is just the teenist, tiniest, cutest, tottery little bub xx
Due to his skin condition, and some thick matting, new boy spender has had a nudie cut! 😂 But he's still pretty cute.

It will make treating his skin easier, let it breath and we know, with foster Mumma Ruth's care (she works magic on our skin issue dogs) it won't be long until he is all healed, and his skin and fur is feeling and looking a million dollars. 

He's just had a vet visit with Dr Dylan who says he is the loveliest boy.

He's had a check all over. He has infected ears either still or again, lots of thickened skin, which is healing, but he's had a skin scrape to check for any nasties. He's had a tear test as his tear production is zero and he has sore gunky little eyes.

He has a funny little cowboy gait, but Dr Dylan isn't too concerned as he gets around just fine and doesn't show any signs of discomfort he'll check things out further when he's under anesthetic for his dental.

He's had a blood test (as we do with all our new bubs) so we can make sure there's no obvious issues showing up, and we have a baseline for them), especially before they go under anesthetic.

So he's on antibiotics for ears and skin, 2 lots of eye meds for his dry eyes and when we get his blood results back, if he has the all clear he'll be booked in for a dental.

He has settled in beautifully and is just the sweetest, sweetest little man xx
Little Spencer meeting foster mum Ruth yesterday.... naaaawwww!
I thought it was time to update your on our Dalai Dog - our best boy, Wix.
After the horror of sickness and we almost lost him, Wix has been a star.  Now diabetic we deal with his insulin shots twice a day - and we are happy as clams.  Because he is worth it.
Everyone who meets this boy cannot believe his gentleness, his old world manner, like he is an old soul - who has been here before and has come to be of comfort to us - and give us love.  We are, besotted with Wix.

Is it possible to be too in love or too smitten with this little man?  We say no!

He brings us joy every day - happy and cheerful, gentle and kind - he is the best of friends and family.

Go Wix.
What does one do after being forced to endure a groom. One rebels of course.
I shall make my disgust known!
No cushion shall be safe........ until the treats come out eh eh eh.

MacIntosh xx
A special day, for a special pair. Velvet who will now be known as Fern is now with her new Mum Shirley. Fern will be much loved and adored for the rest of her life.
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