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To all those who have adopted a RWL bubby - would you like to post a pic?
We are updating our site and if you can post a nice big, clear picture we will see if we can use them on our site!
So post away! x
Misty had her vet assessment today.  She has infected ears so we have started her on medication.  She requires a dental, and has wounds and sores on her skin so she has been given an injection to stop her itching and hopefully heal before any infection.
We have taken bloods and once we get the results we can see where we are going with her full time treatment.  Meanwhile, good food, a soft bed, and kind words are the start of her healing. x
Our cheekiest Monkey of all, Maple, found her forever home on the weekend!  She is going to be super loved and will be able to play with some of her siblings - yay.
Thank you to Mum Linda for her amazing effort as always.
Go Maple! You've got this!
We would like you to welcome Misty.  She is 15 and a half and her owner passed away.  She has had a bit of a rough time lately so we were asked to take her on (thanks Steff) and here she is.
Tomorrow she will have a vet check and we will assess what is required.  Today she feels a bit like Crouching Tiger/Snapping Turtle - a little bit of competition for you know who!

Welcome Misty.  Glad you came to us. We gotcha.
I know many of you remember the big Maltese - ex RWL girl Juno.  Although she has cattle dog tendencies, and pretty much looks like a cattle dog - we KNOW there is a little Maltese just busting to get out.....:)
Juno is on holidays with RWL friend Keryn. Looking good Juno darling.
A Monday morning hello to everyone. :)
Today we are doing a pay it forward for a little kitten whose owner is down on their luck.  With your blessing the kitty will have a desex, FIV test, a vaccination, microchip and worm to help him on his life journey.
The beautiful Jasmine loves paying it forward too - she has been visiting some Age Care Homes and delighting the residents with her gentle nature.  Thanks Mum Fee for spreading the love with her.
We have a new bub coming in today - we will know more later on.
Wishing you all a great start to the week. :)
Hi All,
In 2017 I took a step back from RWL and our lovely Netta took on the role of managing the Charity.  Netta was paid during that time.
When she resigned in 2021, I took over the reins again, and   I am being paid the same as Netta was.

I posted about it at the time.  Everyone felt it was ok.

I am paid $400-$450 a week.
I am on call 24/7.

Since Netta resigned (she is still on our Committee) we are working towards a new website, new committee members - but the thing that is our focus is the saving of dogs' lives.  

Like many Charities, such as the Starlight Foundation, Edgar's Mission, Shelters who rely on donations, even the Salvos have staff paid. And I am being paid, like them.

When I first started RWL, Rescue was illegal.  Along with a few other very strong people, we made change, now Rescue is at the table of all things animal welfare.  

Rescue changed, and so did we.  Rescues became Charities, with DGR status, some became shelters, started Vet Clinics, worked with Councils.

One thing I have seen is the burn out.  The suicide of fellow rescuers. Trying to hold down a full time job AND rescue is nigh on impossible.

I would like to see Rescuers being paid for what they do.  So they can do it 24/7.  So they can make a difference without the burnout, so they can concentrate on what they feel they should do.

Everyone in RWL is supportive of me being paid.  If you feel for any reason that you aren't, then please - cease all support.  It is your money, your choice.

There is nothing the girls in RWL and I want more than anything is to be left in peace to do our work.  I see their commitment and dedication every day, and I am in awe of all of them.  They deserve to be protected from accusations and hate.  

So if anyone has a problem you can find me at 

Kind thanks
Kae x

NB: Pic of Janice when she started fostering Ollie a year ago.  He couldn't walk.  This to me is RWL.
Our beautiful boy Fletcher doesn't miss a beat.  He had his dental on Friday and had three teeth out, came home and slept and then had his dinner, and presto - back to being Fletcher the following morning.
Fletcher will be up for adoption soon - so stay tuned. x
We love updates on how great our ex RWL bubs are doing it makes our hearts sing!  And Gigi is just looking like a dream.  
Go Gigi! x
RWL is looking for someone who is experienced in doing Payroll.

If you feel you might be suitable, please send us an email to for all inquiries.

thank you. x
Jasmine, our darling among darlings is going to need to have another polyp removed.  We can't believe it.  Poor darling if we don't, it could get a lot bigger and then it becomes seriously difficult to operate on.
Mum Fee is on top of all of this, and will be booking her in next week.....
Teddy is going to need the most special of homes.  We are ready to start thinking about moving to the next phase.
Whoever becomes Teddy's family will need to be financially comfortable due to his high needs.
Teddy has a genetic heart murmur.  He takes heart medication for life.  These will increase over time.  We currently have him on compound liquid meds and that makes it super easy to medicate him!  Twice a day and you are done!
Teddy will also need eye checks for his eyes, and drops for life.  For this reason we would like him to be rehomed around the Melbourne area so he can continue with his specialists who have brought him this far.
Teddy also has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and any change of diet to what he is having now will send him into explosions you won't want to be part of......We can advise you what suits him and has kept him stable for the time he has been with us.  Believe me when I say mum Sara has tried them all....

Teddy loves people.  LOVES people.  Gentle children and other dogs, but he loves people.

Teddy will love and need an experienced family - who have 'been around the block' and understand he is the most divine, kind, loving little boy who deserves it all after living in a garage for the first part of his life.

Teddy now has vision in one eye and we are ready to see who will be the love of his life.  

All of this is non negotiable.  If you feel you might be someone who can meet all of this criteria - we would love to hear from you.
Happy First Birthday to our Pix The Peanut. Deaf with three legs, we couldn't love you more. Every day you are with our family has been an absolute blessing. x
Good news. Another trip to MEV this afternoon, and the Vet said Teddy's eye is recovering very nicely.  His eye drops & medication have reduced and we'll go back in 2 weeks for a follow up. The other good new is Teddy's IBS is under control.  Thank you Mum Sara for all the hard yards. xx
Fletcher is going in for his dental tomorrow and the once he is recovered he will be going up for adoption.  :)
Woody our Foundation dog is such a sweet boy.  He has been going really well since he went blind a year ago - and is managing to map out the house and taught himself the stairs!
Because he already had one eye removed, and no sight in his remaining eye we were concerned when it became inflamed and irritated, and causing no doubt a fair amount of pain.

Rather than do more surgery to remove his eye, he was sedated at Melbourne Eye Vet and they inject into the optic nerve to deaden the eye.  Avoiding a full general anaesthetic is good at this age too.  A few days later Woody is back to his happy self.  Hopefully we he goes for a check up in a few weeks all will be well and he will go from three drops a day to one drop a day.  A huge thank you to the lovely staff at Melbourne Eye Vet, they are just wonderful and care so much.
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