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Our Bambi is in end stage liver failure.  Mum Jo had been concerned with her excessive drinking and weight loss - and we know she has been so fortunate to remain stable for so many years with her liver issues and diabetes.

Now the tests are showing her diabetes is fine, but her liver values are insanely high.  There is nothing to be done other than to keep her comfortable at this stage.

Our thoughts are with Mum Jo. x
It's Friday and that means it's $5 Friday. :)

Many of you are now doing an automatic deduction which is just fantastic!!!!  Thank you SO much.

For those wishing to join donate today you can do so by two ways.

1. Go to our website at and hit the donate button.


2. Do a direct debit to

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Name : Rescued With Love Inc.

As always thank you.  Dog who have had treatment this week, are Goldie, Penelope, London, Winnie and ongoing as always for the RWL Foundation Dogs. x
Little London was so happy to be home yesterday, she slept on the bed and has rested.  We have booked her in for a check up today and hope she will be feeling better and on the mend.

We will let you know how she is later on. x
Winnie's CT scan result came back and the news is not good. Moving forward we believe there are tumours in her lungs and lymph nodes and multiple tumours in her colon.

At this stage Winnie is still happy, maintaining her weight, eating and going along okay.  She is having some symptoms such as fecal leaking and very swollen bottom from straining and we are treating those to keep her comfortable.

At seven years of age we cannot fathom why a beautiful soul, filled with love will go through this.  

It's just so utterly sad.
Lily's result are back in and there is good news.  She is on the border of normal in her ACTH stimulation test.  The leve is 470 which puts her as Cushingoid but her results show us she is at 460.

So she is the normal range.

When she goes to her new home, we will send her history to her new vet (we do this regardless) and advise her new family to get another test done in a couple of months.  She might stay as is (happy days) or she might go into the Cushings zone which means she will need a tablet a day.

Meanwhile she loves to sleep on the bed, is the sweetest of girls and when her stitches are out from the little lump we took off (a wart) she will have a groom and then be ready for her new family.

Whoever is the lucky family will be so blessed.
Captain landed in the best home ever and the updates we get make us truly smile.  An autumn evening in front of the fire.  Happy, happy.......
Finn is coming up for his first birthday.  We are a big boy now..
London is being discharged as we speak, and is doing much better than last night.  She is fully hydrated, and has eaten, is on pain relief, and heading home.  The hospital has frightened her so  she will be feeling more relaxed later today.

It's been recommended we go back and have a check up with our vets to make sure the surgery site is okay and there is no further swelling or bleeding.

Bless you little girl.
Sir Dubs.  You are class clown.  Of that there is no doubt.
Gorgeous Lily recovered from her dental really well and is happily settling in, sleeping on the bed and enjoying life.

Her Cushings test will take a couple of days for results so we will let you know when we have come through. x
London was rushed to Emergency last night after we found the hematoma at her surgical site increased three fold and she was very flat and not eating or drinking.

She was taken out the back and admitted about 1 am so we are just waiting to hear how she is.

Please bear with us.
I am working with three women at the moment whom I have never met.

Two of them I have known for many, many years, one only recently who has become so invaluable to RWL I could just cry.

These three women together have saved the life of a little dog after I connected them to see if they could help.

One lady contacted me about a dog with severe behaviour. I think the term 'Out of Control' pretty much covers it - and RWL for all our experience sometimes just cannot take a dog on like that.

Another lady who is a very fine behaviourist and trainer was next on my list and I discussed the issues with her.  Her business is going to take the little dog on, aged 2, undesexed and a schnauzer to boot (so plenty of 'tude) and they are going to train her as she lives with them, and then find her a home (which I am more than happy to help with.)

The third lady is the transport.  Because the dog is up near the border and needs to come down this way.  And later this week, this will all be taking place.

I wanted to tell you all because these kinds of things happen every day - and you won't hear about them.  People like these amazing women go about their business, and walk amongst us - and you wouldn't know the effort they have gone to - to save a life.

This little dog will be incredibly safe and cared for.  Trained, and all her needs met.  And then a great home is in her future.  She is one incredibly FORTUNATE dog.  So many never make it out of the situation they are in until it's too late.

A huge shout out to those ladies.  I see you, and I love you all for your passion and your dedication.  I look forward to seeing how this little girl blossoms. x

NB: It takes years and years to build up a network like this.  Don't be fooled.  You need to take the hits with the good bits for a long time before you hit gold like I have. x
Little London is 15 years old.

Yesterday she was desexed.  You ask why on earth would we do that to a 15 year old dog?  

The answer is - she had mammary tumours.  If she had been desexed when she was young, the chances of mammary cancer is very, very low, given that they thrive and survive due to female hormones.

She is very quiet, slept until 6 am and swapped beds.  Mum Bron put a blanket over her and she is sleeping again peacefully.

We have sent the tumours off for pathology and hope they haven't spread.

It does feel that we 'clean up the mess left by others' but we prefer to think of being present, and dealing with each bub that comes in as separate souls, and deal with whatever their issues are.  This one just makes me so sad, that a little girl who has never done anything wrong in her whole life probably, has been surrendered to a shelter two days before Easter and is now facing  a recovery such as this.  
Sadly she also requires a dental, due to rotten teeth.  And that means another surgery down the track.

We are here for those we can take. Always.
Plotting world domination and cocking his leg on it for good measure hey Murph?
Bless little Goldie, she is starting to dog.  Mum Sara snapped this yesterday - Goldie is starting to play with toys......
Lady Penelope has a new home.  She will be known as Poppy to her new family and oh boy is she going to be happy!  We are so thrilled for Poppy, and a huge thanks to Joanna for her great care of her.

We look forward to updates in the future!
Did you know this Rockstar come Cassanova is going to be 18 next month?
Imogen has a new Mum and a bright future - we are so thrilled for her. Mum Sarah decided Imogen is going to join her family and we couldn't be happier.

Beautiful Lily who came to us last week had her blood results come back and she has indications of Cushings Disease.  So today while she is in for her dental we are going to do an ACTH stimulation test to confirm it.

It's often the case with dogs this age, and we have treated so many with Cushings and they live happy lives with taking one tablet a day.

So send your best wishes to our lovely girl, and we will update you in a few days on how she is. x
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