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From Twitcho's Mum
"This dog is one of a kind. ❤️
Out of the blue,  a few minutes ago, he sprinted to the front door. And I mean, he was fast. 
I thought he needed an urgent wee so took him out.
He started barking and pulling and running towards the road.
I run with him to see, what? You’ll ask.
A possum? No. A cat? No. A bird? No.
A great dane !!! with their owner ten metres past us.
This dog does not care if a small or medium dog crosses his path or comes past our house.
But if they are 40 + kg, it’s WAR!! 😆😳😅
I am still laughing and I am secretly proud he is so ready to protect us at all costs."

We think we found the BEST ever home for Prairie.  Here she is with her bro Mushie.
Ollie had a groom yesterday and is looking the goods.  Happy Sunday to you all. 

The tongue.  It's everything.  Right there.  Oh yes.
William is home.  
We have a road ahead of us - but we are up for it.  Goodnight everyone, and thanks again for your kindest wishes.
Prairie has found her forever home!  She has a family who will adore her and a best brother in Mushie who will play and play with her.  A beach house and an active lifestyle she will be the happiest of girls.  A big thank you to Mum Sara who got Prairie through heart surgery - and the recovery.  A few tears were shed, and we all do that. 
Go Prairie, we wish you the best of lives. x
Our darling little Bea has a home.  Her new Mama adores her and we know she is going to be very much loved.  Thanks to her foster Mum Sarah for all her amazing dedication and work.  Little Bea, you go and enjoy your life now...
William is through surgery and now in recovery.  The blockage has disintegrated which it likely means was garden matter of some kind which he has eaten. It was quite a chunk on the X-rays, no wonder they were worried.

The Vet Team were able to look at his gall bladder and it is not inflamed so we will start him on the medication to reduce the chance of the mucocele becoming a plug - and in three weeks we will do some bloods to make sure his bilirubin levels are down from what they were.

They are going to try him with some food and hopefully won't vomit it up.  If he does he will need biopsies of the intestine -  as you know William has auto immune issues and that can bring a whole other sandwich to the picnic......

I will call late tonight before bed, and hope that he will keep his dinner down.  He is on pain relief, and the staff think he is an absolute sunflower.  

I am hoping with all my might, he can come home tomorrow.
I will keep you posted. 

Again, thank you for your love and prayers, kind wishes and thoughts.  And for donating to allow him this surgery. 
Much love x
William is being taken into surgery shortly and they will do an exploratory to find the blockage, or partial blockage.  I will know more about 6.30 pm and will post when I know.

Re his mucocele, yes he definitely has one, and that is not the best news.  It is almost fully formed and he will required meds to stop the sludge from forming the rest of the plug.  In a couple of weeks we will check his bloods and if his bilirubin levels are still high - he will again need specialist surgery to remove his gall bladder.

I can't think about much at the moment - other than thank you for your love and best wishes for William, and for allowing us to go ahead with the treatment by donating.

I will update you when I know more. x

FUNDRAISER for William.
If you are able to support us with a donation for William we would be so very grateful.  
We have another vet bill of close to $5,000 so this week is going to see us pretty much drained. :(

Saying thank you doesn't seem much - but I am so grateful.  If you knew William and how much we love him and I can't imagine the thought of losing him.

So click on the link below it should be clear - you can follow the prompts.

Much love 
Late last night I took William to Emergency - he was pacing and clearly in pain.  He vomited when we got there and have had bloods and X-rays done which has found a foreign object in his small intestine.

He was admitted and put on fluids - and this morning I was advised that in a later X-ray it appears the object has moved a little - but the concerning thing is the amount of sludge in his gall bladder and if a mucocele has formed.  This is life threatening and as you might remember it is what Wix passed away from suddenly after surgery.

So he is being sedated and having an ultrasound - and a scope to see if they can gain more information to see if surgery is required for both the object and the gall bladder.

I will set up a fundraiser - for what we need now if that's okay it will be about $4,000 but if he needs surgery it will be more - but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

I will of course keep you informed.
Little Mabel is recovering and doing okay.  As you can see this is a big surgery for her.  Lots of rest and love and good food - she should be feeling better soon. x
Prairie is the most social and playful of girls and here she is enjoying an outing around the tan with ex RWL Coco and a friend Millie.  Yes - she is living the dream.
Beautiful Foundation girl Jasmine is just the sweetest soul.  She has finally come out of her shell and is bossing everyone around - and we love it.
Last week we discovered Mabel had two more mammary tumours come up.  We cancelled her surgery to discuss what we would like to do.

She has had so many surgeries these past few months - enough is enough.

So today is her last surgery.  The tumours will be removed - and sent off  to pathology and we can only hope we get clean margins.

Mabel is a reminder for those who think it is okay not to desex your pet.  If Mabel had been spayed - none of this would be happening.  She is the dearest little girl and deserves every bit we can give her to help her into her new future.

We have had some lovely emails from people wishing to adopt Mabel, please be patient as we go through this last operation for her and let her recover.
Good luck today little girl.  We love you.
Tater is off to have his dental and desexing today as well as a repair to a hernia.  He won't be feeling too happy at the front and the back tonight but we know he will be just fine in a couple of days.
We will keep you updated on our little man who is the sweetest little fellow and will be looking for a home soon.
Little Yori went on a Bun Run (trip to Bunnings) yesterday and was a real hit with everyone.  She met a couple of other doggies and cruised around in her mobile, as happy as a clam.
Go Yori.
Our beautiful Pip had 5 teeth out and is back to being the most perfect of boys in no time at all.  Thanks to Mum Casey he is just the best and happiest of little men.

Our carers in RWL continue to do the great work for those in need.
Today is Pippin's 15th birthday.  He very nearly didn't get to celebrate it - after the family of his owner left him at a vet clinic to euthanised.
Today he is having his dental - and that will make him feel SO much better - and he can dance and play his way to his new future.
Happy Birthday gorgeous Pip.
Little Bea doing her best Quokka impersonation....
We can't believe how beautiful ex RWL girl Mimi, now Sweet Pea is looking.  You are just gorgeous little one. x
It's going to be hot today so take care with the babies - and make sure everyone is cool and comfortable like little Tater.

Have a wonderful day folks!
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