Restoring Jimmy’s Eyesight

$6,423 of $5,700 raised

Jimmy and his brother Gimmo came to us when their Dad passed away. It is always the hardest of times – and even harder for Jimmy who relies on his brother to help him get around as Jimmy has cataracts.

After doing all his regular vet work of desexing, vaccinating, dentals etc and recovering – we made an appointment with the lovely ladies at Melbourne Eye Vet. And the news is positive.

We CAN restore Jimmy’s eyesight. How incredible and what a world of difference it will make for him.

But can you imagine the difference in getting these two bonded boys a new home – if both of them can see? It opens up more opportunities – and that is what we are all about. Giving the best chance, leaving nothing undone – raising the bar, no matter the price.

With Covid 19, people out of work, Christmas coming – we aren’t easy about asking you to donate, but we have paid this year over $100,000 in vet bills – and again, need help. We hope you don’t mind, and it is okay if you can’t. We get it.

The cost for Jimmy’s surgery is $5700.

If you can help us – we would be utterly thrilled, and as you know more than grateful. And you know all the money donated always goes to the dogs.

So if you can help Jimmy we would be so very grateful.


Any donations above the goal amount may be used towards other costs for other Rescued With Love dogs, or those in urgent need in our community.

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