Ruby’s surgery and major vet bills

$5,833 of $5,500 raised
Our bills at our three major vet clinics areMay be an image of dog
These are all discounted and we are thankful.
As well as those we have incidentals such as the Eye Specialists for a couple of bubs, that is $796.00 and $117.00 and another $700 to another vet for next months bill.
You can see it is going to clean us out pretty much, but we will be able to cover it. Just. And I want to thanks those who donate to us – every. single. day.
Ruby is booked in on 3 June for a CT scan at Advanced Vet Care. Once we know where the shunt is located (either outside her liver, or within it) we will go forward.
We are going to have to fundraise for the surgery alone will be $5500.
Here is the tricky part. IF Ruby has an internal shunt – no surgery can be done. She will in fact fail to thrive, become seriously ill and pass away. There are no options if this is the diagnosis.
So how do we fundraise $5500 (that is with a huge reduction) for Ruby – and she might not need it?
The only thing I can say is we will raise these funds for her and we’ll leave it to you to decide to donate. If it can’t go ahead and you want your money back then please let us know, or we will use the funds towards others needed our help. It is more than likely we won’t know until the day of the scan and they will take her into surgery straight after that. We’ll keep you updated.

Love to you all,

Kae x


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