$7,000 Sunday for Sweeties who need support.

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We have five little ones who have had, or will need a lot of medical treatment.  And of course, as always, RWL doesn’t take the easy cases – but rather we focus on those who require more.

Today – is going to be $7,000 Sunday for Sweeties who need support.

1. Winnie has had three massive surgeries.  She has spent time in the Emergency Centre, and the Vet clinic after her last major surgery as her recovery was not straight forward.

2. Oliver has had X-rays, had a dental to remove all of his teeth, has had multiple trips to the vets to help him when his pain has been so bad, he has been given strong opiates to help him. Not to mention the lump in his mouth removed and biopsied

3. Max who came last week has already had his first assessment consult.  He has had full bloods done and every time we do this with all of our dogs – it is a full wellness panel – sent away.  Max has a severe skin infection on his back where his coat was left on.  He will need a dental, and on going care.  Again $1400 will go a way to his treatment.

4. Millie.  Tomorrow Millie will have full bloods, and assessment on her heart (she has a heart murmur which could require an ultrasound, echocardiogram etc, and medication if required)  She has an infected mouth – so a full dental extraction which can be around $800 or more.

5. Button. Terrified of everything, matted beyond belief – this little soul has had her assessment.  The matting was cut off, and she has cataracts in both eyes with some vision.  She needs a dental.  One of her back legs doesn’t work properly – so X-rays are required.  She has a Melanoma on her leg, and a mammary tumour which indicates she might also need to be desexed.  Full bloods have been run. And there is little we can do for her broken tail.  $1400 should almost cover our first round of treatment for her.

We are Rescued With Love. We stare this stuff in the eye and say, “Let’s do it.”  With you.  Always with you.

Much love,
from the whole RWL Team. xxxx

** Please note, any funds raised above the goal amount may be used for costs associated with the care for other dogs.