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Asha, or Princess Asha Bear as she is affectionately known in her foster Mums home, is 15 years old and blind. Her eyes removed due to glaucoma.

Being blind does not stop Asha enjoying her life, in dogs a lot more information can be gathered by sniffing than sight. Asha navigates her house incredibly well and just loves spending time exploring the garden, particularly finding gifts from the neighborhood possums. A bed and blanky is placed in every room as she loves to be wherever her foster mum is and napping is a favorite pass time. Asha always turns up for work in the home office on time.

Asha just loves heading out for a sniffari around her neighborhood though due to her heart condition the walks are short. Her walks are super important for her well-being and the smells of the neighborhood are what dogs love to stimulate their minds. Prior to coming into her current foster home Asha became reactive to other dogs, so walks are quite tricky trying to avoid any other dogs to keep her calm. It’s interesting a woof or another dog walking causes significant stress, but all the peemails interest her greatly!

Asha was underweight when she came into care. Her foster mum was concerned though quickly discovered she loves her food, she just needed help, she needs spoon feeding with her softer food as she doesn’t have many front teeth to pick it up. Asha has managed to put on 650gms and is working on a few more. Afternoon tea is a favorite, treats hidden in her snuffle mat, Asha is a quick little treasure hunter.

Asha is a sweetheart she just loves her cuddles and has a bit of spunk about her. Most days she makes her foster mum giggle and every day she makes her smile.