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Andy Meddick MP for the Animal Justice Party has had a win.

Please read.  The Victorian Government has taken on the recommendations.

Interesting time are ahead.
Someone has their panties in a bunch today.  Possibly her G-string is on backwards - who would know?  It all started when I washed everyone's jacket and tried to put a new one on Vlad, the Cactus.

SNAP - I nearly dislocated my shoulder moving my fingers away so quickly.  There, there, I said, lets try that again, SNAP! Snarl and standing very still with a low snarl and lifted lip the jacket resting on her back.  Eventually it came off and I thought, I will try that again a little later.  Nup - same result.  Vladimir is clearly operating on nuclear firepower today.

I got her meds ready and picked her up as I do every morning and she nailed me.  Smugs 1, Mum bloodied but determined.  I put her on the bench on her towel and gave her her meds, eye drops, talking sweet nothings.  I lifted her off the bench and SNAP! Nailed the hand that feeds her - Vlad 2 Mum 0 - not as much blood, only a flesh wound.

The Cactus bit Wix on the nose when he came to close - he cried - she snarled.  She tottered off to a bed where everyone had to walk by.  It was like an assassin picking off his victims until I tipped her out of the bed gently and told her to move along.  She flew at me, SNAP - missed me, got a mouthful of bedding, and finally got her over in the corner where the others wouldn't have to walk past and everyone settled into a bed.  Snarling near my chair making the floor rumble until the Grumpy Git fell asleep for a few hours.

Medication time came this afternoon - and SNAP swung left and right and missed - I got her around her middle and placed her on her towel on the bench. Bit me as I put her down and talked nicely to her (next time I might have to sing or something)  Squirted her oral meds in, did her eye meds and took her outside in my arms to enjoy the sunshine while the others were medicated by husband who was eyeballing the cactus - attempting to social distance for more reasons than just CV-19.

Outside we checked the succulents, the lemons, and the limes on our new tree.  We looked at the primulas and felt the washing on the line to see if it was dry.  We checked over the parsley - and it's growing a treat in the new sunny spot.  I thought surely - no one is around to upset her - I can pop her down here.

Well guess who has a big fat brain that never forgets anything?  I popped her down on the path and SNAP - bit my thumb.  No blood, just a puncture wound.  Off she went into the convulvia and liriope pretty darn happy with herself.

For a little dog who can go for weeks without doing anything wrong - the wind is certainly blowing the wrong way today.  Maybe it's her Covid hair do.  Maybe she didn't get to watch The Bold and the Beautiful.  Who knows...

Some days you just have to be a cactus.

NB: no Mummies were fatally injuried in the making of this post.  no doggies were injured in the making of this post.  No small children are ever in contact with Vlad.

It's only 3.30 and we haven't even had dinner or our last two medications for the day yet.  I'd better get the garden gloves out....
Gorgeous Gertie, she's no trouble at all.
She's looking for someone lovely to open their heart and home to her. 
Gerts is about 12 years young, she loves a short burst of fun on the oval but is a little slow and tottery the rest of the time. She loves a chat - she'll let you know when it's her dinner time 🤣 and she would love you to be around and dote on her.

Gertie has a puggie cough, that will stay with her for life, but, it's being managed nicely now with meds.

Read more about Gertie and apply here

Gertie is a 12 year old female pug
Microchip 981000300417820
Source ID EE100219
Our foundation girl Audrey is home 😊
Audrey has been admitted to our vet clinic and placed on IV fluids. She is extremely dehydrated, very low body temperature and extremely flat and lethargic. 
Audrey was already in congestive heart failure: being such a tiny dog, when she is unwell Audrey hits rock bottom.

We shall update you as we hear 😔
Welcome Shirley. 

Little Shirley came to us after a vet called to ask if we had a place for a little dog, who's owners were wanting to bring in for euthanasia. We don't know the full story, and so ask for no judgement there. But we are so grateful that, the vets, who believed that, little Shirley has good quality of life, were there for Shirley and quick to suggest other options to the owners, getting straight on to us to see if we could help. 

Shirley was bundled off to our own vets (as we do with all our new arrivals), given a full medical intake assessment, bloods taken, urine sample taken in case of a UTI, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. She has a mild heart murmur, but no meds needed for that at this stage. She was started on a cytopoint injection to sooth her sore allergy skin, and some eye ointment for her dry eyes. Then off home to settle in with foster mum Bridie and her little pack, where she has already chosen her own lounge chair!

She is the sweetest little dumpling and, is one lucky girl to have had the kindest of vets and vet staff looking out for her!!!!
Good Morning from the beautiful Heidi, staying warm in her new cosy jumper.
Still enjoying great quality of life - and being spoilt..... of course!!!!

#cancerfigher #everygooddayisagoodday
Our beautiful Jenny, is now ready for adoption.

Jenny is inquisitive, affectionate and... a big foodie. She's healthy and fit for a 14 year old, and is the first to be at the door when the 'W' word is mentioned. When she's not going for little exploratory walks or eating, she's snuggling on the couch with you, sleeping under the desk of your home office or retributing you with kisses (licks) when you're petting her. She's a very social dog, so she would love a doggy companion - however perhaps puppy energy would be a bit too much for her. She's attached to her humans and her pack, so sleeping in a place where she can check you're around would be good. If she's allowed on the bed, even better. The ideal house for Jenny 'The Explorer' will have a backyard so she can go for her little wanders. She sleeps well, but sometimes might need to get up for a little 3am wee. She's a very intelligent dog and learn things very quickly. Most of all, she needs a house that will give her all the love that she didn't have in her past life. Cuddles, loyalty, protection, comfort, a warm bed, good food and walkies. She will give you back something of much greater worth - unconditional love.

Jenny is a 14 year old Maltese x
Microchip 956000001533746
Source Number EE100219
Melbourne - Australia
You can apply for me here
From Polly: one of our foundation dogs.

You sort of know, when a dog who was so traumatised since arriving (even after 4 years) allows you to pick them up with only a “pretend” I’m going to bite your hand clean off! has kind of adjusted to living without fear. Can you imagine what that must feel like for a tiny defenceless dog such as Polly.

Granted Polly is now completely blind, yet she trusts us enough (with enough verbal warning) to handle her without her tongue turning blue.

She pretty much sleeps most of the time and has a rigid routine she sticks to every day.

Polly is able to find her day bed! always after breakfast she’ll go out to toilet, she’ll be carried back indoors, have a drink and wander off to the study where her little bed sits between the desk and my dads old teak bureau.

There she’ll stay until around 2pm when she’ll bark a couple of times, her servant (me)!! will carry her outside again to toilet, another big drink of water and this time it’s up onto the couch in another little bed.

4pm she’ll either come out with me in the stroller,  or she’ll go in the car with Sean when he goes to the dog park.

Back home it’s a very slow wander in the garden, another big drink and indoors for dinner.

Evening times she’ll head off to where we watch TV: up onto the couch and she’ll nap until we’ve eaten and ready to give her a treat!

If for any reason Polly’s routine is disturbed she becomes agitated and confused. When everyone is doing the same repetitive tasks, she’s fine.

Polly has so many health issues, we balance everything as best we can with medication and diet.

For now she is doing okay. 

Just being the best she can ❤️
Totally devoted pug lovers? Where are you?

Our Gertie girl is ready to find you.

Gertie is an extra, extra special love pug, who is looking for the kindest of people, that don't mind she’s got a little bit going on and a nasty cough that's a lot better now but will be with her for life. She is beautiful, has quality of life and so deserving of a special place to spend her days. 

If you’re thinking the way we do, and love nothing more than helping those that need a little extra help, then read on.

Gertie came to us with a terrible, terrible, cough, which now after working through, is a lot better. But she will always have a cough, mostly when she first gets up, or with over exertion. She will need medication for that for life.

In her previous life, she was very well loved (AKA overfed!!!) which for a little girl with a bad cough made her life much harder, she will need someone who will resist the temptation to give in to those little pleading human eyes that say “oh woe is me, I need to be fed, again… again… again” and will take such very special care of a darling girl who has finally got back her quality of life.

She can’t walk far, and is tottery, but she just loves an off-lead park to have a little trot and stop and trot and stop. 

She is a total house dog and wants someone to be with her, dote on her, and be by her side. She’s lovely with other dogs but would be happy as your very own child as long as you’re around a lot. She’s not overly cuddly, she’s happy to sit on her bed, but she loves to be near you - more than anything.

Gertie is a 12 year old Pug
Microchip 981000300417820
Source ID EE100219
Located in Melbourne Vic Aus

Fill in an adoption form here
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