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Guess who has a Happy birthday today ?
Zippy is 11 years old ! πŸ˜πŸŽˆπŸΆπŸŽ‚
Looking for a special home.
Melbourne Australia

Zippy is a shy, gentle boy who just loves to hang out with his human and would benefit greatly by having another friendly dog as company.

He absolutely loves his regular walks and would be best suited to someone that doesn’t need to walk too far though as he has arthritis in his front legs. He has been taking pain relief for his arthritis and this will need to be continued by his new owner. He can manage a small stair or two only. 

His other love is food, glorious food so his new owner will need to manage his weight well otherwise it will affect his mobility later on.
He will need regular grooming to keep him looking handsome.
Zippy needs to be able to stay inside as he doesn’t like being left out on his own. He is a gorgeous gentle boy who would thrive in a quiet home with another dog.

See more about Zippy here and how to apply

Zippy is an 11 ear old maltese x Shih Tzu
Microchip 95600000294724
Source Number EE100219
Ah Juno, we're sorry, the bandages aren't quite ready to come off yet!!! We were hoping today would be the day, but Dr Dylan says maybe two more weeks, just to make sure the wound doesn't split open. 
We have some applications we're following up, but.... she's not quite ready for a new home yet. Soon cheeky girl, soon!
Ms Bambi, Bamboo or Bam Bam, as she is often called, is starting to really love her walks πŸ’– and who wouldn't in such a beautiful environment.

While Bambi is not available for adoption at this stage, we'll be keeping an eye out for a special person/family. We're still working on getting her blood sugars stable before we look for that very special home. We know we'll find it. Someone who, like us sees a dog like Bambi and wants to be there for her. Someone who says "Diabetes, pfft - that's no issue for us".
Wix as you know is a magical child. He came to us from a pretty rough life and through an amazing couple who saved him - he gets to spend the rest of his life with us, loved and cared for. We nearly lost him at one stage when he had a pancreatic attack, which resulted in his body shutting down, in emergency for three weeks, high blood pressure, diabetes, you name it. But the amazing staff at AVC pulled him through - and although now diabetic for life - we manage and so does he. :)

Wix likes to bark. Like a loon. Often not sure WHY he is barking - but what the heck - bark anyway. He will ALWAYS find us - and sit with us. Always. He sleeps on our bed - and never ever makes a sound. Yet if we get up - he is awake straight away and alert. Wix has the best manners of any of our dogs - always incredibly polite with food, beds, you name it. Although he does like to muscle in for a pat which is okay by us.

He still has his funny little trit trot walk with his back legs, and still has spine issues which he is treated for, along with dry eye. But touch wood - he leads such a great life, and is such a happy boy. We call him our best boy. Our magic man. Our Dalai dog.
He is Wix. Guardian of good.
What better way to spend a Sunday night, when you have two little patients, than a good Netflix binge.

Little Rafferty (left) had a small lump removed from his eyelid when he was desexed and had his dental, so he unfortunately needs the annoying cone of shame on for a little while, but he is doing very well xx
Little Milly going for a COVID safe visit with her mum in aged care.
Look at the smile! - It's so lovely they're able to see each other again xx
Little Rafferty is about 10 years old, he's just joined us.
He loves his new little dog and cat friends, he wants to play with them all! His new cat friend is not that keen though 🀣🐈
He's just been desexed, treating for ear infections and had a couple of teeth out. 
He's a happy little ganoush, who has walked in as if he owns the place!!!!!!
We're currently assessing him - so no applications yet please. We'll let you know when he's ready and what he needs in his home xx
Today is the last day to sign the Petition before it goes before Victorian Parliament.  For those Victorians (you need to be living in the state to sign to make it legal) who believe there should be a better outcome for our pets in shelters - please click on the link and sign.

There is no accountability for large orgs when they kill pets. This will cease - and they will have to be more transparent - use Rescue, and the public before being LEGALLY able to kill a pet.

If this gets up in Victoria - a precedence will be set - and that means a massive change for animals in our Country.

There has been too much sadness in this regard. Pain and anguish.  The deceit and covering up, killing pets people want to save, all because they can.

Lets get behind Andy Meddick - and hear this loud and CLEAR.

This is how mum Jo wakes up most days, with a Bambi Scarf!!! No need for a hot water bottle!!

Bambi has just had a blood test to check her sugar levels and they are still a bit high, so her insulin has been increased. She needs a revisit again in a couple of weeks, and if still high, it's time to test in case of cushings, which can affect diabetes treatment. 

We'll get to the bottom of things for her xx
Juno's just had another vet check. Dr Dylan said all is going very well, and we're so relieved she's starting to weight bear again. Her behavior definitely tells us she's feeling much better.
In fact, it's fair to say that our "red cordial" girl 🀣🀣🀣 is back!!
At our vets at the moment, a darling little Shih Tzu man.
Watch this space, we'll update soon xx
Just a gentle amble, after a walk in the stroller.
Our beautiful Molly is doing well, enjoying the pampering, the outings and all the love in the world.
Jenny made a fathers day post yesterday - that made us 😒 & 😊at the same time.

“My first Father’s Day with a REAL Dad. One that cuddles me, walks me, let’s me snuggle in bed and will never leave me hungry and abandoned. Thanks for loving me so much. Love, Jenny.”

I think I have a little something in my eye xx
Happy Foster Father's Day.
Today we say a big thank you to all our RWL foster fathers who do much for the the little ones in their care.
We also wish all dads, human and fur, a special day, from our family, to yours xx
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