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Little Pix went for her second vaccination today and had a check over.  Her remaining patella is good and her ear canals are nice and clean!

Being a wriggle worm she loved being part of pass the parcel to everyone for a cuddle - and we have done really well from 1.9 kgs to 2.55 kgs.

She is the happiest little soul, and will take herself off to sleep on the fluffy mat in the bedroom, or sun herself outside.  Her playmate is Jean-Louise and together they twirl and play for hours.  Pix loves her food - and has learned where everything is, and especially the toy box which is in constant use!

Our little Peanut is very special to us in every way.  As hubby said yesterday - she really completes our lives. She sure does.
Gorgeous Flora is recovering SO well from her patella surgery.  She is really going super well.  After the months of heartworm treatment and then the patella surgery - she is two thirds of the way through (her other patella needs to be repaired also) and then she will be able to find her new home.  Meanwhile it's day by day - watching Mum Joanna hanging out the washing and doing stuff in the garden! x
Our gorgeous Nessie has a new home - the best of the best and we are so excited for her!  Thank you to Bron who made it all happen as her foster Mum and to Dilys and John we know Nessie is going to be as spoilt and happy as can be. Go Nessie. x
Good Morning from Noah.
As the festive season approaches - we know things start getting a little crazy.  We hope you are able to get as much love and enjoyment with your loved ones at this time!
To be adopted in Melbourne area.  Not for interstate adoption.
Maxy would love a family to love her. 

She likes to be the only bubby so you can lavish all the love you have on her.
She needs drops twice a day in her eye, and a tablet a day for her itchy skin.

This little soul is perfection - absolute perfection.
Is she your little soul mate?  Apply through the link below.
Don't forget little Maxy is looking for a home. She needs eye drops twice a day and a tablet for her skin.

She likes to be the only dog - so you get to cuddle her all the time!

Pop over to SavourLife Adopt and read about Maxy! 
Please share!
Chaplin is heading to the clinic today for a much needed dental, and to have a lump in his mouth removed.  We are hoping like crazy it is nothing serious.

Chaplin will be desexed at the same time, and then we can let the healing begin.  We will update you more in the coming days on this incredibly gentle boy.
Little Agnes is doing well.  We are able to reduce some of her meds and bathing for her skin - and her ears  and eyes are looking much better so she can be checked over again in two weeks.
Her cheeky personality is coming out - as she is starting to feel better!

We have booked her in for a dental - she has some cracked teeth, and rubs her face on hard surfaces - so hopefully we will get her sorted before Christmas and she will have a more comfortable time as she recovers.
Today in Melbourne it is going to be 29C.  That is too hot to walk your dog.
So do this, it only takes 5 seconds.  Place the back of your hand on the surface for 5 seconds. If it’s too hot to hold your hand there for 5 seconds, then it’s too hot for your dog! 

Dogs cool themselves via their paw pads and by panting.  They simply cannot cool themselves down on a hot day on pavement, the beach, or the oval.

Walking in the early morning before the pavement heats up or taking them to a grassed oval in the evening to walk is a much better and safer idea.

**If your dog does get overheated move them to a cool, shaded area and wet them thoroughly with cool water (especially their chest and tummy - do not use icy or refrigerated water). If your dog shows signs like rapid panting, bright red tongue, red or pale gums, thick/sticky saliva, depression, weakness/lethargy, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, or shock /coma) take them to your nearest vet immediately.

So if you see someone walking their dog in the middle of the day, perhaps politely ask if they know the 5 second rule.....
How gorgeous is little Emmy?  She got through her dental no trouble at all and had a nasty 6 teeth out.  We checked her ears (all good) and did some X-rays on her hips to make sure she isn't suffering from arthritis change.
Little Emmy will be with us for a little while as we observe her for a while, and do bloods again, plus build her up as she is quite the thin little girl.
Meanwhile isn't she gorgeous?
Flora - our sun bunny is healing well, she is weight bearing well on her leg, and we are so thrilled for her....
Nessie is now up for adoption and looking for the perfect home!
Please have a read of the information - and see if she is the one for you!

Go Nessie!
Chaplin loves his new coat. :) Stay toasty little man.
Hello!  Happy Weekend from little Emmy.

Emmy will be having a much needed dental on Monday.  And we are going to monitor her a little after that - as she has some indicators she might have Cushings.  

So stay tuned for this Love-Bug and her journey. x
Agnes has finally accepted a pat without running away.  She was very hand shy, but is starting to relax a bit more now.

Still no tail wag.  But her tail is up.

Slowly her fur is growing back and she isn't as smelly as she was.

Poor wee mite.
Chaplin has had his first assessment and a groom. He has a significant heart murmur, and has a small growth in his mouth but his bloods came back all within the healthy range so next Friday he will go in for a much needed dental.

Chaplin is very thin, our vet feels it could be due to a poor diet so hopefully with some love and care - we will build him up in the meantime.
Our little trooper Flora is feeling so much better today and has settled after her 3.30 am waking the house hold extravaganza.  Message to Flora - night time is for sleeping girlie.....
Our Nessie is going up for adoption soon!
So stay tuned.....:)
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