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Yvie (was Juliet) is now settling in with Griz and those ears - well what can we say? :)
Little Manny had a check up this morning and his mouth is healing well.  He hasn't gained any weight so we just need to keep an eye on him, make sure he eats enough (not a big eater our boy) and he can now trit trot through life.
Go Manny.
NB: special thanks to Mum Soph for the big effort - thank you thankyou. x
Our darling Chaplin found his forever Mum on the weekend.  He is one of the special ones that just takes your heart as soon as you meet him, so foster Mum Bron found it a very teary goodbye - knowing he will be much loved.
Go well gorgeous boy - we love you.
We are absolutely thrilled to bit - Adelaide has a new home.  Thank you to everyone who applied for our girl - it was extremely tough - but we felt this was the right home for Adelaide.  Here she is with her Rescue brother enjoying the afternoon.

A huge thank you to Foster Mum Ruth who always does wonders with our bubs.

Go Adelaide.
Little Manny is recovering well, and is starting to eat more now his dental is over.  He is on pain relief to help him of course.  Meanwhile a trit trot outside on a glorious summer day is the perfect remedy.
Thank you for all the kind words regarding Maggie and her Mum.
Maggie is heading to the clinic to get a good checkover with Dylan today - and we will update you on her progress.  She is wagging her tail and very comfortable - and we are grateful for any happiness in her life right now.  Mum Fee has gone above and beyond.  Looking forward now.....
Our divine Snowy, aka Snowman visited Dylan yesterday.  At 18 years, he has had many beautiful and kind years with Netta and Peter - but he is struggling on some days with arthritis.  Dylan has prescribed some more pain relief - and Netta and Peter will monitor him for quality of life.
He is in good hands, and surrounded by love, just as he should be at this important time in his life.
Little Flora is not a fan of the grooming thing and is a constant wiggle worm.  But in the end she looks a sparkle!  Flora will have her final patella surgery soon - and once recovered she will be up for adoption.
Stay tuned.
Hi Everyone who applied for Adelaide our mini schnauzer girl.
Our adoption application is now fixed and working.

My apologies for the inconvenience to all of you.

If you wouldn't mind - please re apply for Adelaide through the link, as we lost all applications.

kind thanks
Kae x
We would like to welcome Maggie into the arms of RWL.  It was a devastating and emotional day - as Mum Fee collected Maggie from her Mum who is the most courageous woman I think any of us have ever seen.
Maggie slept well last night and has eaten well, is enjoying the gentle pats and love Mum Fee is providing.  Tomorrow she will have her full health assessment including her remaining eye,  as Maggie has had glaucoma - and is now blind.
Maggie's Mum has asked for a clean break, no updates, no contact and we are respecting her wishes.  She has called the shots on all of the timing and handover - and we have accepted her wishes.
We will update you on Maggie in the coming days.
Thank you Fee, and Ruth, in fact every single RWL carer who has offered, and been incredibly thoughtful, and considerate at this time.  It does affect all of us, and the girls behind the scenes were just nothing short of amazing.
We got you Maggie.  We got you.
We could not be more thrilled to know Juliet, now Yvie has a new home.  After a dreadfully neglected life - this little girl with the love of Ruth and her foster Mum Sara saw her through her much needed treatment - and a perfect home came up for her.  She will have all the attention she could possibly want from her two Dads, and will live with a couple of kitties to top things off.
Thank you again to Ruth and very much to Sara, our vet team and everyone involved.  
Go Yvie.  Looking forward to lots of lovely updates. x
Pix - known as Baby Peanut, or BP is so utterly divine.  She is the best thing for our family and everyone adores her.  When I think of the life she would have had, backyard breeding, deaf and three legged to know she will never know that kind of treatment - is just the best.
BP has just hit the 6 month mark and so will be going in for her big girl op soon.  Meanwhile she loves her Papa, adores Jean-Louise, and makes our house sparkle and fills it with magic like all our babies do.
Little Manny has rested through the night, got up to toilet and have a drink then back to sleep again. Juliet has a check up at the vets - and off to meet a couple of kitties - fingers crossed she gets along with them. :)
We have a new dog coming in today - and we are still working on the application IT issue which hopefully will be resolved.  We might have a home for Adelaide at this stage, but will keep you posted.  Meanwhile Ollie (pic) wants you to boop his nose.
Our divine sublime Manny at age 16 years had 21 teeth out today, leaving him with fistulas where his upper canines were.  This can cause food and infection to go into the nasal passages but hopefully now the rotten teeth are removed and he has antibiotics and pain relief on board he will feel better in the coming days.
It is no small feat doing surgery on a 16 year old dog- and we would like to recognize the professional care we get from Dylan and his team.
Thank you to Mum Soph who has gone above and beyond - little Manny will sleep tonight with the angels watching over him. x
Little Juliet is recovering after having all her teeth out.  She is such a darling little soul.  She is slowly gaining weight and we hope that we are on the mend and looking forward to a happy life. x
Little Manny ate two meals yesterday.  He likes to make little grunty noises when he wants to come out of his crate, and is starting to follow Soph and her family around.  He likes to scuff and twirl in his bed, round and round, and back the other way to find the exact good spot to sit.
Manny is having his much needed dental tomorrow with all fingers crossed we hope he will be okay.  Once he is ready, he will go to Mum Linda (we call her place the fat farm eh eh) for some recovery and then we will take Manny's case from there.  It's great to see the carers helping each other like this.  Linda can't do a lot of the medical stuff but Soph can at the moment.  This way Manny was able to come into care.  I can't thank them enough.  Manny at 16 years needed someone to care - and that was us.
A few people have been in contact asking why we aren't doing the Betty White 17th of Jan Challenge.
Last week i asked everyone if they could help with Patrick being cared for by New Beginnings (his surgery was cancelled due to Covid and rescheduled, so I will let you know how he goes)
and I didn't feel it right to ask you to donate again.

In the coming weeks, RWL might need to ask for help as our vet bills are extensive with so many coming in over the past few weeks, so if you feel you would like to donate to a Rescue that you love and follow, or an animal welfare org you admire - please don't donate to RWL.  You helped enough last week.

I hope you understand, kind thanks
Kae x
Please bear with us we are having difficulties with the adoption forms on our website for Adelaide.

Hopefully we can get this sorted soon.

Your patience is appreciated :) xx
Little Emmy's doing well on her  Cushing's medication and already her cortisol has come down.  We will check again in just over two and a bit weeks and if all goes well - Emmy will be looking for her very own home.
Go Emmy. x
Little Eduardo is enjoying his time in the pool with his sister Tuna.  She is teaching him backstroke, and doing some freestyle.  While his Mums isolate with Covid - there is plenty of time for some doga and pilates as well.  Living the dream at home is all mapped out!
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