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Yes Elmo, it's tongue out tuesday 😜
#tot #tonueouttuesday
It's a beautiful winter day, the sun is out and I'm happy to have a little wander and a sniff - it's usually a wee and quickly back inside in the chilly weather. 

Can you believe I'm 17 next month, where does the time go?

All has been pretty good for this toothless, dottery, little blind old man, except a ruptured cyst on my rump (eww) or possible spider bite (who knows). I needed stitches and antibiotics for that. 

I'm still managing to hold on to those remaining marbles in my mable jar - they're not all lost yet and my recent health check shows my blood are all perfect! 

The most difficult thing in my life, still, without doubt, is trying to avoid those torturous bath days! 

Sleeping, is my favourite thing these days, in fact I'm up early today, ready for brekky, and it's only just hit midday -  🀣

Gotta go, I've got brekky to gum!

With Love
Rescued With Love Foundation dog xx
I may have snored like a sputtering jet engine last night, and mumma Jo may have just got no sleep. But she can't help but love me.

Elmo xx
"Finally it has happened to me".... 🎡

I've been adopted!!!!

I have a home of my own, with a mum and dad, Fiona and Robert, who love me and are totally on board with my cushing treatment, and a little fur sibling, Piggly!

Ready for a new life and lots of new adventures.

Love Kriss xx 😘
Lovely vet nurse Nicole thought up a good idea for when Juno goes for a walk in the rain, IV bags cut up with bandages threaded through holes. Juno being a puppy that nibbles and wriggles made it a little tricky to put them on, but, after 15mins and a lot of treats it was off down the street, exhausted before the walk started🀣🀣

World Peace? We can hardly believe it. Vladimir Putin (Smugs) is in bed with The Dalai Lama Dog Wix. Wix was happily toasting his tummy when the Prickely one cactused past and maneuvered her tank like butt into a space on the bed. TDLD didn’t budge - or make a sound - and as you can see, Vlad gave him the stink eye. He was not to be moved, and she normally ousts people with snarling and standover tactics. Has she met her match? Has Vlad come to the table for World Peace?

Not likely. In a couple of hours she will find something to snarl about and all this hand holding and Kumbaya stuff will be a distant memory. 

#maintaintherage  #smugslovesworldpeace #sleepingwiththeenemy
If only new boy Louie could speak, he would be saying “feed me” & “please don’t stop petting me!”
Louie follows foster mum Janice everywhere, 'cause she's the food lady!
Elmo, and his little mate..... Elmo 🀣🀣🀣😍😍😍
Vale Coco.

Her little heart had been struggling and was given all the care in the world but passed in mum's arms this morning.

Our condolences to Deb and John who adopted Coco 2 years ago, and love to foster mum Jo. 

A candle has been lit xx
Louie is truly the sweetest little man. Had a little nap on the way home from the vets and a little sniff around the garden and then had his full attention on the roast chicken we bought him. Boy oh boy was he hungry and demanded more food once his bowl is empty. Louie will put his little paw on you when he wants more pats. He’s been strutting around the house and already marked his territory! πŸ™ˆ
Incoming......welcome little Louie. Just arrived today from GAWS. He's a dear little man. Our lovely vet Amanda has given him a check over. he's had some nasty skin issues which are healing, but he's still a bit sore, and he has recently had lots of teeth removed. He's got a huge, tennis ball sized, fluid filled cyst on his back. We'll look at having that removed when his skin heals some more.

He's just having a little tidy up with Kellie, the groomer and will be heading home with new foster mum Janice, who we're very excited to be welcoming to the team xx
Are you ready for some good news?! Can't stop smiling!!

Little Elmo still has some things going on we need to work on but........ both tumour results have come back...... wait for it....

We can't believe it, the odds were so stacked against him with a fast growing mouth tumour.

And so, while little man does have heart issues we're still working through and his mouth isn't healing quite as expected we have follow up vet appointments for that), we are seriously counting our blessings today.

Meanwhile. Elmo is as happy as a pig in mud! While foster mum Jo ducked out quickly to get some groceries today, on her return she was greeted with much excitement - a dancing boy, running with the gang, so excited his mumma was home!
Last week I received a message from a woman who is in dire straights. She lives in a shed, had had surgery on a broken leg, and was sent home from hospital without anyone to help her. She had dogs and cats, and wanted to surrender them to me.

The only problem was - she was more than two hours away from me, and she was in such a mess, unable to find her glasses, stressing because she couldn’t move around and feed her beloved pets. She begged for me help, to take her dogs, but I knew we couldn’t. We had no room. I couldn’t leave it there, so I contacted a local group and a mobile vet clinic in the area to get out to see her early the next morning. Neither were able to help. It was suggested she get the ranger out to surrender her animals, but I wasn’t comfortable with that unless it was a last resort. Again she begged me for help.

I contacted the girls at @new beginnings animal rescue inc. who have been personal friends for mmmm, about 14 years now. They live not far from the woman, about a 45 minute drive, and bless them, early next morning they were driving onto the woman’s property to assess what could be done.

The owner was in a bad way. She needed to be cared for, she had no food for herself, so they left her food. They moved her horses to a better paddock with food and fresh water. They assessed and took 6 of her dogs (they are desexing the two she is keeping, and taking with her to a friend’s place) and managed to catch two kitties. Without batting an eyelid, these girls loaded up their truck and took these dogs who were left on the property while the owner was in hospital, with no food.

All the dogs are now cared for, and are being networked. One has ulcerated mammary tumours, another little one is a blind disabled soul. Some are healthy and will go up for adoption quickly which is great. The kitties are safe and heading to be networked.

Not only did the girls drive back the next day - they drove the lady to her friends place to be cared for, AND drove back the next day (yesterday) to pick up the last kitty.

While all of this was going on - the girl were telling me about a dog Marlo who has had surgery on both legs, and his bill is around $14,000. And the cost of these dogs and all of their procedures, dentals, mammary strips etc will be close to $5,000- $6000. If anyone else would like to help out New Beginnings with their bills you'll find their details here

I spoke to the girls at RWL, and they were in agreement. We checked our bank account and after generous donations in the lead up to the end of the financial year, we have money in the bank, from all of the generous people who have donated to us, believed in us and what we do. We could either let it sit there, or we could help these girls at New Beginnings who have gone over and above for this woman who begged me for help, and I was unable to do anything. 

Today,  hopefully with your blessing - we paid $5000 off their vet bill with the Vet Team they use. Normally we would ask before we did it, but I know they are in for surgery, and I didn’t want to wait.

I’m telling you all of this because we always want to show transparency. It is your money that we are using. To pay it forward in need - to help these animals into a better life, and help a woman who was in a terrible position - and needed help, not judgement.

I’m hoping you understand our decision.

If there is anyone who is unhappy with this - we are more than happy to refund your donation. All you have to do is contact us and we can refund to you.

We in RWL feel this brings our Rescue Community closer, working with friends in time like this - and doing what seems to be ‘common sense’ in it’s approach. We love Rescue - and what we can achieve. We hope you feel the same.

Here is one of the bubbies who is getting help xxx
Elmo loves sitting in the puppy bag and going for walkies. This is his favourite beach box, where he sits and watches the birds xx
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