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It's the gorgeous ex RWL bub Meg. Isn't she just such a cutie. She's still living the high life, always included in family outings, and off to the Spring Hill Peony Farm today - taking time to stop and smell the..... Peonies.... 🌸🌸🌸
There are incredible people who help others in their time of need.  One group we have worked with before and admire for their commitment is the Pet Medical Crisis.  They assist pensioners and others who are in financial difficulty.

Please follow them and the work they do.
Rosie is just the sweetest!
She's just been in for her blood glucose curve testing, and with all the TLC from foster mum Ruth, the careful diet and planning, her levels are looking good. We may be able to lower her insulin a little and re-monitor later to make sure we have things right. Good news for our lovely girl xx
The delightful, delectable, delicious Daisy!
She's just had a little dental, 5 stinky teeth out, a lump removed and sent off to check out and a urine test.
Hopefully all will come back good and our little sweetheart will be ready to look for her own home soon.
Love this girl xx
If you know the owners of this little girl (the Reservoir area) can you please contact us at
We wish to offer assistance.
Rufus had another visit to the vet. He has an ear infection. Not surprising his ears were severe when he came to Mama Michelle a couple of months ago. He is such a little old man, and it wore him out, here he is sleeping on his way home. I absolutely LOVE this photo. It says it all. What does it say to you?
Supervisor Albert, (who looks utterly adorable in Nanna Bette's knitting) has been making sure Mumma Trish has been doing a good job, packing and posting all the calendar and diary orders. (Thank you Trish, it's a big job and we appreciate it).

We do still have some or our lovely Rescued With Love Calendars and Diaries left if you haven't ordered yours yet. 

You can buy them here
We lost Buffy yesterday. Having battled cancer valiantly, Mumma Jo thought she may have been able to make it to Christmas with her, but things took a turn for the worst over the last couple of days and it was not to be. We did not want her going down hill any further and suffering - so she passed with Mum Jo, at home, surrounded by love. Buffy was with RWL for nearly 3 and a half months and we loved her every day. She loved everyone, and everyone adored her. Thank you to Jo who gave little Buffy a family, and continued to visit her "other mum" Barbara in the nursing home regularly. Such a beautiful and kind thing, for both of them. Buffy passed knowing she was loved - with dignity and respect. Vale Buffy.
It is hard to know where to start to help with the bushfire emergency.  So Rescued With Love has helped a husband and wife team in Taree who are currently on the front line, saving Koalas.  They run Koalas In Care.  Please follow them on their FB page, you can see the work they are doing.

Rescued With Love, along with our fantastic Vet Dylan and his Team at Heidelberg Vets have donated $2000 worth of Flamazine to be sent and delivered to Koalas in Care.  Flamazine is very expensive, and it is vital.  It is an antibiotic cream used for burn victims. And they need a lot of it for the Koalas who are suffering and in shock.

As always we want to be transparent with your donations, and we know you would be happy with us to do this as quickly as possible to help these wonderful volunteers saving our beloved Koalas against all odd.

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the bushfires.

Another fellow we wanted to help was a man who was being comforted by our Prime Minister in a photo. He has two beloved Border Collies.  He has been evacuated for the second time, and we are unsure as to whether his dogs are safe with him.  This gentleman is 85 years old.  If anyone knows the man we are talking about, and his wife, can you please drop us a line at – we believe he is in the Taree area.

Kindest wishes, and lets hope for rain and reprieve for the courageous heroes on the front line, our Firemen and women, and the rescue and emergency teams.

Love The Team at Rescued With Love Inc.
Our very pretty little daisy. Foster mum Sarah's groomer, just gave her a little tidy up, free of charge, because she fell in love with her. Thank you lovely lady!!!
Does our Bums look big in this? It’s Wix (left) and Tix (right) both were named after a special little three legged girl. They have both had their groom and are looking rather beautiful. Never mind that Wix chucked in the car twice, the washing machine goes and goes and goes in this house! Darling little Tix is now on heart medication. She has a little cough, and a heart murmur, and well, at almost 14 we get it. Wix has some occasional pain with his neck and back, and when he does, I take him onto the bed with me, and we lay down away from everyone and let him sleep. Invariably he relaxes, all warm and comfy in my dressing gown and he comes around happy and well again.

These two are such bright stars in my life. Big pieces of my heart. They are magic without even understanding how special they really are.
Tis I, Vladimir Putin (as Dad calls me). Mum calls me Sweetness, Smugbug, and Darling. I am now smiling lopsided today after a biiiiiiiig event yesterday. I had La Dentale. My personal Physican aka Dylan our RWL Vet cleaned up my choppers and had to take three out. I still have a good amount of fire power – but it won’t leave the nice even indents on the hand like it used to……

While I was in to have my smile fixed, they had to be careful with me, because I now have problems with my kidneys. Yes, not the best news – with my heart, and losing my fur, and going a little blind (I am STILL incredibly beautiful, and a social media influencer) but I came home last night and told everyone off in my usual snarly way. I was, I admit a bit off my head, and so I snarled at the wall and no one too.

Today after the medications I had an accident and it was all in my tail. Mum cleaned up the carpet, and then tried to pick me up to take me outside. I nailed her (strike one!) and so she got the party hat that she puts on my when I am what she calls ‘NORTY’. She says she doesn’t listen to that NONSENSE. Damn it. I can’t bluff her….

So I had to stand on the towel while Mum washed my hoo hoo and haa haa, and clipped my tail. I was seething with indignity! Embarrassment!

Now I’ve managed to dry myself by scooting on the carpet I feel SO much better.

Love Smugs. x
Little Missy is doing well aside from putting on weight at the sniff of food (she must have my genes 🤣🤣), she is clinically going ok but we're still following up on a couple of things. 
She had a liver enzyme spike just over a week ago and since going on antibiotics, it's come back down dramatically.
Continued antibiotics, another test in a couple of weeks to check it's still heading down in the right direction and a check up booked in. We hope our chunky monkey will be given the all clear soon xx
A Remembrance Poem by Santina Lizzio

Their blood stained the land, as they served with pride. A duty to their master, they stood side by side. From the sky, to the sea, through a vast open land, together they fought—both animal and man.

They flew through the sky, as messengers on wing dodging bombs and bullets, for salvation to bring. Their wings did strain, till their hearts near burst, they flew day and night, never fearing the worst.

They walked together midst a bomb spangled field, both dog and handler, neither one would yield. The bond and the friendships they shared through war, will live and be remembered for ever more.Through the sand so fine, they lolloped to the fore they’re the ships of the desert, the Camel Corp. Over hills and through valleys, the line did twine as they carried their loads to the firing line.

Into combat they rode, both man and steed, through the fear of battle, they were a special breed. The mateship of horse and rider was strong made the parting in death, seem so heartless and wrong.

As beasts of burden, they were put to the test, with hearts filled with anguish, they gave their best. They died where they fell, while the others pulled on.

Are they lost in life’s story, can we still hear their song? The theatre of war—hell for animal and man whatever the cost, they cannot understand.

So remember them kindly, as you walk through life, for they too served proudly, to help make things right.
The beautiful Franklin and Sergio are doing well. If you remember, these were the two boys the fabulous Croydon Vet Clinic called to see if we would take, as the owner wasn't sure she had any options but euthanasia ☹️
These beautiful boys are no trouble, Sergio's back legs sometimes get a bit tottery, but he is happy.
Thank you to Deb and John for taking these boys when they needed you, you literally saved their lives xx
Hello, Sherlock here, with my friend Misty (Mooms, Moo Moo, Maloolibah).

Did you know, Misty was my mum’s first Rescued With Love foster fail, nearly 11 years ago! She's apparently helped looked after over 60 foster dogs, cats, puppies and kittens over the years 😲

She’s around 13 years old now, but still rough and tumbles with me like a puppy. She’s a good big sister, looks out for me, destuff toys with me, barks at the postie with me and tells me off when I’m being too rough. I do get a bit carried away sometimes with my boofhead enthusiasm. 

She’s the best buddy a boy could have, but don’t tell her I said that.
OMG new girl Daisy is sublime divine! She is just adorable, quiet, slept all night in her own bed, loved a cuddle on the couch and love love loves foster dad Stu.
You do have to wonder, and no we won't dwell on it, just how on earth such a darling girl ended up in such a state.
It will never happen again, not on our watch, when she's ready to adopt, we will find her the most exceptional of homes. 
We've got your back darling xx
Have you ordered your 2020 diary and calendar yet? 📆

Our gorgeous calendars and diaries are here!! 

For those who have ordered they're being sent out now 📬 

For those of you that haven't ordered yet, you can purchase yours online now - while stocks last 

This is one of our biggest fundraiser of the year, so your support is greatly appreciated.
The beautiful 16 yr old princess, Daisy has been picked up from Geelong Animal Welfare Society today. She came to them in quite a neglected state, filthy matted, they've cleaned her up, cut her nails that were curling into her feet pads, treated her infected ears and cared for her. We now have her at our vets having an assessment. We'll update you on her when we know more.
Welcome special little sparkle xx
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