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Oh how much we love our beautiful Molly and so do all who meet her.
Molly was in for a groom with Gabby's Grooming in Alphington yesterday. When foster mum Joanna explained she was in palliative care with her, Gabby gave her most most gentle of treatment, and refused to accept payment.
We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you Gabby, for your lovely act of kindness, it means a lot - especially knowing how difficult a time it has been for many businesses - including groomers during COVID restrictions xx
Ex RWL Jimmy is all ready for the big match tomorrow night. Even though he's barracking for Richmond - we still love him 🤣🤣🤣
Our darling Leo has had a life change. The best kind. He has had a dental yesterday and is now vaccinated, heart worm tested, negative, and is having treatment for his ear infection. And the best news?  

Leo has a home.  He has settled in already, met Lottie the cat (thought she was nice, and vice versa) and this morning awoke, tail wagging, and had his brekky, and then a walk. He LOVED it.

Back home he has had a big bath, lots of shampoo and is currently asleep on the couch with towels around him, warm and drying off.

We are SO thrilled Leo’s life changed so quickly. As you can see his chunky funky haircut will need to grow but he is clean, and healthy and happy. And loved.

Go Leo. xx
This morning I got a call about a dog whose owner had passed and would we be interested in taking him on.  No next of kin - and the dog was in a pretty bad way.  I said yes, and quickly rang the Vet Clinic - who were so amazing - just drop the dog off is fine they said.  I gathered some things together and headed off in the car.

Having worked with our vet Dylan and lovely vet nurse/administrator Amanda, for over a decade - it is SO easy.  They know how we do it, what we do, and the support we get, and understanding is just second to none.  The other members of the vet team see us work like this and they really ‘get it’.

It restores faith.  It gives Vet staff a chance to save, treat, care and have a happy ending - when dogs like this come in, and life suddenly takes a positive and brighter turn.

Armed with clippers, masks on, and all the rest of the equipment, I went to meet our new client, a 10 yo Cavvie boy - who was matted like I have never seen before.

I just want to say here the smell of faeces and urine was extremely strong.  And no wonder.  Ten inch dreadlocks, three inches thick matted with every kind of bodily function and fluid flapped around his bottom and his legs.

Amy, a vet nurse was on loan to me, to help me groom him, as the clinic continued on - busy with clients, dentals and the usual. We started shaving the matting off his ears, and quickly realised we were not going to be able to do what we needed without distressing him.

And so for the first time ever, a RWL dog was sedated for grooming.  We did bloods first to check he was okay and then popped him on fluids to support his body and we clipped, and snipped, and shaved and said a lot of “OMG look at this” and “OMG you will feel so much better”.

His claws were long, and the matts between his pads were terrible.  He had hand size matting around his chest, on his tummy, and the worst was around his legs at the back.  We clipped almost enough off him to make another dog.  Seriously.

He laid there, snoring softly and I thought how your life has changed now.  The gentleness of the cavvie babies really gets me. They are love.  Anyone who knows a cavvie or has had a cavvie in the family will know what I mean. They are heartbeats.

We cleaned him up, and have booked him in for an overnight stay tonight where he can rest in the big pens in a nice soft bed. Tomorrow he will have a bath in the morning and, then have a dental, have his ears checked and flushed out - and then he is ready to start his new life.

What I want to say is a very big thank you to Dylan, Amanda, Amy and Amanda (yes two Amandas) they just slotted me in without any problem - as I asked questions and asked if we could do this or that. They had all my paperwork ready.  And our cavvie boy is booked in for his surgery and will be collected tomorrow evening when he is ready.

So i did what any good Rescuer would do.  I bought them all Pizza for lunch - delivered as a thank you.  Because it really was a feel good day for me.  It was an experience in Rescue that makes me keep going when things are tough. When you get blocked, and lied to, and told stuff about dogs being killed, and all sorts of nonsense. It makes me see that it does not have to be any other way than like this.

And that’s a fact.

So. Thank you to everyone today - and you know who you are. You were GREAT.

And please welcome the biggest ganoush, the sweetest of loving boys.  Our Leo.
Ready for my own home.

We are currently working through applications for Krissi, it's not too late to apply!!!

Darling little Krissi is no trouble, no trouble at all, but she's can be hot and cold with who she chooses to be doggy friends with. With most dogs she is really happy, but she did have a bit of a problem with the Chi she lived with in her adopted home - she did a little "Regina George - mean girls" act. Back in foster care, she loves her little posse, except the silly large pup - we don't blame her there!

And so, we need to find Krissi just the right home, with just the right match.

Generally, she is the most beautiful, gentle, loving soul. She’s loves a little walk, nothing too long or strenuous, as she is tottery. We'd think about another small considerate dog (she doesn’t want to be bothered with a dog in the house that is overly active or in her face). She's fine with gentle children. She gets quite excited when she sees them.

She would be happy having someone home to share her days with, just being there for her. She would trit trot around the garden with you, if gardening is your thing.

Krissi has Cushings, and it's taken a long time to get her medication levels right, she will need periodic vet monitoring to make sure they stay right - we know there is a family who will adopt Krissi and give her the perfect caring life she deserves. 

One eye.... cushings..... meh, this little girl is still perfection.
Krissi is a 10 year old female maltese x

Microchip 982000361924876 Source number EE100219
Melbourne Australia
Find out more and apply here
Please note, you will need to fill in the application form on Rescued With Love's website
With two extra little girls staying over while their mum is recovering after surgery, living in a house full of high maintenance females has worn Morky out! 🤣🤣
It seems everyone feels the need to look after our little man Rueben. Chase had his turn yesterday, then mother hen Kass was on mothering duties, sitting by his side and keeping an eye on him. He is such a darling little soul, we're so glad he found his way to us xx
Chase is so Gentle, and our new little older man Rueben is just loving the attention xx
Good morning from Ex RWL bub Meg, looking beautiful as usual!!!!
Do you recognise this fluffy dog?
It's Jenny!
Some of Jenny's park friends thinks she might have some Pomeranian in her. I think she's got a bit of lion, because she's growing a mane.
Some call it lockdown hair. I call it being loved and looked after by her wonderful family ❤️
I cannot begin to tell you HOW important it is for you to sign this. Never in companion animal welfare have we got this far.  And it needs YOUR support.  Your Signature. Your share.

Andy Meddick MP is going to be debating this issue of convenience killing in parliament tomorrow.

Please, all Australians sign

Remember he is up against the large organisations who have the biggest voice in Victoria - the Lost Dogs Home and RSPCA Vic.

Neither want to change the status quo here - allowing the animals a better chance to come out alive - or be accountable for the killing within their facilities.

Did you know they both do a pie chart of their intake, rehoming, reclaim but none on the killing?
Let’s change that.

I think of this little girl we fought for and lost.  She died in the euthanasia room at the LDH. When we complained the staff said she was ill, yet she had had no tests done, no X-rays, no nothing.  And when we told you what happened, RWL was banned from the LDH.

We need to force these people to change.  Yes FORCE - they are not going to willingly give up the power.  But Andy is going to take it to them.  He is going to show the Politicans what is happening. They might turn a blind eye - or one, just one might ask a question, or two, and when they do - Andy can say - look at the number of letters have been emailed to you all.  Yes.  It starts here.

You ask what can you do?

This is what you CAN do.

Click the link.  Fill it in.  Send. Share.

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