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Welcome little Ginge. 
Ginge has been with me (Netta) for over a week now, and I’m so sorry with lots going on at the moment, I haven’t given her the proper welcome she deserves.
Ginge is a little 14 yr old sweet, and special little darling. My first meeting with her though, I was a little teary, worried I might be dealing with severe anxiety and snappiness. Worried about her future. Worried about worst case scenarios – who could manage her (sorry my mind often goes into worst case scenario mode).

I met her at the vet after the beautiful Irene and Wayne picked her up at the pound for me. They let me know she had a freak out being picked up and stressed out the whole way in the car non stop vocalising. 

At the vet, she was friendly, tail wagging and initiating pats, but still so very, very stressed. She was a good girl for the groomer Kelly (who she loved). Kelly tidied her up in anticipation for surgery (once she had surgery she wouldn’t be able to have a bath for 2 weeks and it was fair to say, she was suffering some nasty pound pong).
But back inside the vet for a consult, she had meltdown when picked up squealing and snapping, we did need to pull out the party hat, just while she was checked over, she was very worried about being touched under her tummy and back end, and the entire time there, she barked. In the room with us, being patted it didn’t matter, she just kept barking.

She needed to overnight at the vets and regardless of whether she was in a bed next to someone while they worked, or not, she still barked. Bork, bork, bork, bork….. non-stop. That’s unusual, they will usually settle down at least with someone there and we were worried this behaviour might continue once we got her home. They ordered in meds, in anticipation, they expected she was going to need them. 

Normally the dogs go straight off to the carers home after the vet, but I felt in this case I needed to bring her home here, to assess her, rather than place her straight with another carer. If she did have separation anxiety, and was not ok with being picked up, there were things we’d need to put in place and not everyone is set up for that. I wanted to see what she was like at home, see what she needed, to work out a plan for the worst-case scenario and if needed find someone that could deal with anxiety and ensure cases of needing to be picked up were minimal, while we worked on desensitizing her.

Out at the car I wanted to see if she would jump up into the car rather than stressing her with being picked up again and she did. She followed me into the car, jumping up into the stairwell then up onto the seat. OK, so no need to pick her up there, we got home, she jumped out of the car met the gang, she was a little tentative, but no problem, she would scoot off if anyone want near her back end but no reactions. She spent a couple of nervous hours pacing, inside, outside, around the yard, in again, out again but at least not vocal, and finally settling into a bed, where she crashed, sleeping most of the time for two days (this can often happen after a dog comes out of a pound, exhausted). 

We spent the week getting to know each other. She doesn’t like home cooked meals much, doesn’t like dry food and prefers cheap and nasty tinned food – yuk, but ok we’ll start off with that, she is a little shy, she ducks her head when you go to pat her, but her eyes go soft as she melts under your pats. She looooves pats. Our plan was no picking up, no putting on harnesses or pushing anything she didn’t like, to let her feel safe and secure first. 

Day 3 a calm settled little girl rolled on her back and let me rub her tummy, she scoffed her junky canned food with some of my home cooking mixed in and she was absolutely fine while we left her alone for a couple of hours (being closely monitored by a home camera), no separation anxiety and have left her for a day since then, still fine.

By the end of the week, I’m picking her up, constantly, she is calm, settled and the sweetest, sweetest little ganoush you could ever meet!!!! I haven’t heard a single sound out of her and not a single sign of any snappiness. She doesn’t love her feet being touched, or having a harness put on, but she will let me do it while looking at me with an indignant look and trying to pull them away. It looks like we were just dealing with a case of serious fear, lack of handling and “I hate vets!!!”. Although on her second visit, besides being vocal again, she was a well-behaved little lady in every other way. She’s now ready to go off to foster care with Aunty Robyn.

She is resting after her big surgery, her teeth were so rotten, they were wobbling in her mouth, most of them had to come out. Her poor little mouth must have been so sore. She has been desexed, thank goodness she came to us when she did as she had Cystic endometrial hyperplasia (pre pyometra), leaving things any longer could have been life threatening, and two little mammary nodules, both more common issues for dogs that have never been desexed. The lumps were only small and have been removed and sent off for testing. Fingers crossed results come back ok, because all I wish for her now, is to live the pain free happy life she deserves. She is such a sweet little girl.

Welcome darling Ginge xx
Let's celebrate Australia.
What do you LOVE about Australia?

Post your pictures!

Football, meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars? :)
Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Johnny Farnham and Errol Flynn?

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Brissie, Alice Springs or Darwin?

Who is your football team? who is your favourite sportsman or woman?  Ash Barty? Cathy Freeman? Ian Thorpe? Herb Elliot?

Name three kinds of Aussie food you love. Pav, Pav and pav? :)

Best beaches? Nature walks? National treasures?

What do you love about our sense of Humour?  Dame Edna Everage? Paul Hogan? Kath 'n Kym?

We are all aware of the sensitivities around today.  But we can all still celebrate what we love.  Our Country.

I am, you are, we are Australian.
This is a follow on post from the previous one.  Please read the other one first if you can - it will make more sense that way. x


I might as well come clean on another little dog I dealt with RSPCA Vic - and I stayed quiet about it. Most of the RWL girls don't even know.


Because I want you to know what happened with this little dog - and I will shut up after that.  Cathartic perhaps.  I'm not looking at getting back at anyone - just how incredibly sad,   and heartbroken I feel, and felt with this happened.

Before Christmas a little dog (a perfect RWL candidate) had her photo pasted on social media.  She was being held by RSPCA Epping. Pic below.

I contacted CEO Liz Walker, we have a good rapport and she said she would look into the little dog and I was passed onto her staff.  All good there.

I told Liz RWL would like to take her on  - surrendered or whatever - we really would love to take her on.  I made that absolutely clear.

Later i was told the owner was contacted and was coming in to collect her the following day.

I asked that the dog be seized under POCTA.

Note: often owners of neglected pets will be told they will be charged with cruelty - but if they willingly give up the pet - i.e. surrender him/her then that will be the end of the matter.

This is important to understand. An owner has rights to own the pet. They will be held responsible IF they do not surrender the pet.  Or if they do - it is easier for the pet, and the governing body ie RSPCA in this case - to care for the animal - and make sure no other animals are in the care of the neglectful owner.

Back to the story.  I was told she wasn't going to be seized but the Inspectorate had been notified.

I asked if the little dog needed our help (RWL) a groom, special meds, anything - and was told the dog was getting a clip off, which did happen, I was told.

The dog was handed back to the owner - and the Inspectorate were alerted to check on the dog to make sure she was being cared for in the coming weeks.

I asked if treatment and medication was provided for the little dog.  None was provided.

Liz rang me and she was tired after a long day.  I was insistent I wanted the little dog - and at least to help the owner.  She asked me not to be too hard on the owner as they had had problems. I said okay.  Liz was fair, I was going to try and be as fair as her.  It was kind of her to call me, and I really appreciated it.

For days after, I wanted to help this little dog pictured.  She had been picked up and was in a hair's breath of being treated and cared for by me.  I could not see the issue of seizing this little dog - knowing she would otherwise go back to a home where she had clearly had long term neglect.

I felt the RSPCA had placed more emphasis on the human being - than on the very little at risk dog - their client.

I know the little dog could have been seized. I know the owner probably wouldn't have been able to fight it, and probably would have surrendered the little dog.

And I knew she would have been loved and cared for by one of our girls, if not me.

I felt not only the RSPCA let that little dog down, I did too. I didn't raise a fuss, post anything on social media - but I really did want to help that dog.  I asked a friend in a position to maybe find out where the owner was - to offer treatment for the little dog - so I could watch over her.  But that came up empty.

And so I wonder a month or so down the track if that little dog is alive.  Or if she is living in a yard with not much to go on.

I did contact the Liz again who forwarded me onto the right department in RSPCA and was told the case was now officially 'closed'.  Whatever that means.

It makes me wonder - how many other dogs/cats/animals are almost helped. Almost.  Because here was a case of a little dog who COULD have so easily been helped.  I would have had some of my sadly lacking faith restored. Maybe.

Instead I feel a fool for trying.  For begging.  For trying again, 15 years of trying again, to help a little dog I could help.  I can't help a suffering horse, or a cat with kittens, or a large bouncy mastiff, or indeed a traumatized greyhound like Dash.  But i could have helped her.

If I had been told she was going into care with a foster mum in RSPCA I would have said good job.

But this was not a good job. The system failed her.  The protocols failed her. The policies failed her. And perhaps I should have held it over the Liz's head that I would post this and make them look bad so they would feel pressure and not give the dog back to the owner - but I hate that kind of thing. And yes I have done it to save a life, but it shouldn't need to be done.

I don't think Liz will work with me again. More heartbreak - and I hope she understands how miserable I am after constantly going through this process when it isn't even necessary.  She's a good gal.  And I hope I was when I was on my game.

But today - as I said that has passed. I realize nothing I do will ever change anything.

I'm off to light a candle for this little girl.
Good morning from Wix!  Wix is doing great - we are dealing with his diabetes no problem and he is handling it like a little gentleman.

We sure do love our boy.  Go Wix.
Mork’s vet assessment found the normal old age issues: mature cataracts, low grade heart murmur, bacterial skin infection and a large lump on his ankle.
A fine needle aspiration was taken and sent to the lab, unfortunately this came back with a vague diagnosis. And vague diagnosis are not what we like!
So off to Dr Chris Franklin and Mork was whisked into surgery for a full surgical biopsy - we should have results back in 7 days.
Here’s the lovely little man himself! On a chilly Melbourne morning foster Mum Jo has made sure the Mork man is warm and toasty while he recovers. Note the matching blue bandage! 🤕 💙
Velvet is having surgery today to remove her eye and a much needed dental. Her blood results showed she was already desexed which is great news, one less procedure for our beautiful girl to go through.
We know from previous experience with eye removal surgeries on our RWL bubs that Velvet will bounce back much happier and pain free.
Everyone who meets this utterly divine little lady is completely smitten, how could you not be 💕
Krisi's not just cute and sweet, she's helpful too. "Just helping put the rubbish out mum........"
Sorry, this seat's taken!!
Flip and Polo have settled in beautifully. They are just the most delightful little pair ever. They're happy, friendly, easy going little darlings. 
They're having a dental on Thursday and then these two beautiful boys will be looking for their forever family.
The boys are both 12 years old, a Poodle x and Maltese x
They’re the sweetest little gents, perfect on their leads, great with other dogs, hardly bark, sleep through the night... a few indoor puddles, so still need a little work there, but they're starting to get the hang of it.
They have lived together all their lives and we will only be looking for a home where they will stay together.

Microchips 943094330061290 and 943094330066761
Source # EE100219

Apply here
Good Morning from Mork. Wishing you all a great Monday.
Nanu, Nanu :)
Ex RWL girl Zoe passed away this morning.  We always feel it so keenly as we welcome these babies into our lives and homes like they are our own, and we mourn them when they pass.

We know Zoe has had a wonderful life with her family - and we are for that, eternally grateful.  But losing a little one has it's own special pain and grief, and so we send Mum Trish and family all our love at this incredibly sad time.

We will light a candle for Zoe today.  Vale darling girl.
So much has happened in the last 24 hours with Ticket  - so here we go.

Her ultrasound showed no liver disease at all.  YAY.  We are over the moon.  However she was quite dehydrated and so it was recommended she head to an emergency clinic overnight for fluids.

I picked her up in the late afternoon and she was pretty well still sedated from the ultrasound and drove her to the clinic - and the meeting with the intake vet and hoped for the best all would be okay......

The upshot  of her ultrasound among other things showed no heart murmur and her kidneys looked okay too (no cancer or growths etc) - so the meaning of this was - we take her off her heart medication including the Frusemide which we thought might have something to do with her being so dehydrated......

I rang in the evening about 9 pm and Tix wasn't coming round.  She was struggling to come out of the sedation and had been placed on oxygen in the tent.
I rang at 1.45 am and she was marginal - they were worrying about her - and so was I at this stage.

I rang again at 7 am and she had turned the corner as was brighter - so I waited for the day Vet to call me.  Tix had eaten and was much brighter - and I could pick her up and bring her home.  She is currently on her bed, watching me incase I leave (the first time we haven't had a night together in 3 years and 4 months) and I am going to let her rest.

The upshot is - we don't know if the Frusemide has affected her diagnosis of kidney disease - but it seems she could be in early stages.  So in a week or so we will go and check her again.  Thinking I was going to lose her soon, it's been a bit of a ride after Wix, so I am grateful she is still here with me.

Go Tix.  Mama and Dad love you. x
A little lightness this morning:

Attempting to make a quick and quiet exit with the treats from the pantry. MacIntosh has been caught red pawed!

Yesterday it was confirmed Ticket has kidney failure.  She is also having an ultrasound today on her liver as we suspect there is something nasty going on there also due to her blood results.
Cricket sent Ticket to me three years and four months ago and I have healed and loved in that time. 
We will update you when we know more.
Welcome little Velvet.  All groomed and ready for her surgery on Monday thanks to lovely Foster Mum Ruth who has done a great job.
Velvet is in need of a dental and an eye removal - so this will be attended to on Monday - and we are awaiting bloods to see if she is entire (no tattoo, but we can't tell without bloods) If it comes back she is undesexed we will have to book her in again, when she has recovered from her dental and eye surgery.

She has Flea Allergy which we are treating, and infected ears, also treating - and mild luxating patellas which need to be monitored but are not causing any issues at all.  She is the most sublime divine little girl - and age 9 years has the happiness of a three year old.

Velvet is only tiny around 4 kgs - and the sweetest soul - we are so glad she is with us.  Go Velvet. x
In two days - five dogs came into RWL.  Some are okay, others not so much.  We didn't have time to post yesterday as the workload went crazy on us, and nothing every works exactly how we expect it too. Our middle name is 'improvise!'

Yesterday with the horrendous weather conditions, Melbourne airport was closed at times, diverting to Adelaide or Sydney and we had Mork coming down from Brisbane. Couple that with it would have been close to 40C on the tarmac - we were concerned whether he would make it in.

But he did.  On top of Irene and Wayne driving to collect him and drop him to his foster Mum Jo - Mum Ruth pulled out all stops for a little girl in a Pound way on the other side of town.  In the top of the heat - she collected her and did the intake, took her home and groomed her and overnighted her.  She will be going back for surgery today.  More on her later.

Netta drove to our other clinic and picked up a very stressed and upset little soul - who needs time.  She is a bit of a cactus but starting to come around which is what we needed to see.

And Mum Bridie has taken on not one, but two little souls in need, aged 14 - and the most sublime divine babies.  Thank you so much - our team is AMAZING.  No complaining just getting in and doing it on a difficult and horribly hot and hazy day - all for the sake of little lives.

Here is little Morkie - who is a complete ganoush - he is a gentle and sweet little soul. Looks like his life is on the up doesn't it?
We also received notification our donation of $1000 for the farm animals was delivered today to the Cobargo Showground where displaced people are with their animals.

We hope it has helped some. 

Thank you for your kind understanding regarding feeding all animals in need.
The veterinary items you all donated for was delivered to Adelaide this morning.  It is now at the drop off point thanks to our gorgeous friends Kym and Necia who have been co-ordinating things on the ground for us - bless you.

Your items will be on Kangaroo Island on Friday.  The fires are still blazing and we know that everything is being carefully allocated and will get to the animals in need.

We would like to say thank you to Elise at Cenvet who donated a huge amount of dog food for the pets on the island.  It has been such a rewarding thing watching everyone pitch in.

We will let you know when it arrives if we can get up dates from the Island. xx
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