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When Oliver came to us - he could not stand.  Whether he was kept in a cage or pen as he was used for breeding we do not know.
All we found was his back legs were in serious trouble.
Fast forward to this week.  Oliver still had his quiet days.  He is much loved.  Here is his recent update from his Mum Janice.

"We used to walk Louie and Ollie separately cause Ollie could not keep up and we do shorter walks. But this past week, Ollie could almost keep up and we can walk as a family. 
We used to have to carry Ollie coming in and out of our house for walks as there is a step into the garage. But as off last week, Ollie is comfortable taking a step down to head out with us and take a step up to come back into the house after our walk. 
We don’t let Ollie use the stairs just yet… but this one step is a wonderful milestone as he gets stronger 
Every milestone is just so amazing to watch ♥️"
Eduardo - the ex RWL lovebug currently has a new Olympic Sport he is enjoying.
Poo Rolling.
A trot across the oval, and hey presto - there's some poo.  
Down he goes, around he goes, squish he goes, it's a gold medal in style and execution!

While it might not be a 10 out of 10 for his Mums Carmela and Kiri - it might mean a bath is on the cards. Possum poo, dead worms, you name it - they all love it.

Lucky Eduardo is a Renaissance man - and as cute as can be - and gets away with it!
Asha as you know has no eyes. She has congestive heart failure - and is not a fan of other dogs.  Mum Nadine, who cares for Asha under our Foundation Dog program has Asha Bear all sorted.  She has trips around the shops to say hello to her favourite people - and then she is home for something tasty to eat and then a snooze on the couch.
Blind dogs cope incredibly well.  Never be afraid to think about adopting a special needs bubby.  They make our journey just that little more magical.
Go Asha.
Little Millie is doing incredibly well in her new home.  Here she is with her new booster seat and is enjoying the view. There is always a challenge working with older bubbies, so many of you do it beautifully - would you like to tell us about how you manage certain things with your older ones?
It might just help someone reading your post.
Go Millie.
Yo! From the Big O!

Yes we are all patiently waiting for a new do down here in Lockdown Land - and we hope soon we will be able to show you how G & G we all are (Groomed & Gorgeous).

So Melbourne folk - how's your hair looking these days?

Tell us who you look like........:)
Beautiful Teddy is enjoying his new home and learning all about his family.  We love updates as happy as this.
Go Teddy!
Lovely Flora is doing well.  She had a couple of down days after the treatment, but Mum Joanna watched her and made sure she got all she needed.

Can you believe she came to us on Jun 25 and we are still treating her for heartworm.  After that she will need to have her spay, and both of her back lets have luxated patellas, and will both need repairing they are so bad.

We are so lucky Joanna is ready and prepared for the vet trips and the aftercare and treatment for a long term foster - and Flora will have an amazing life to look forward to.
Asha in the office.

Likes : The couch, lunchtime, afternoon siestas, home time.

Dislikes : Zoom meetings, telephone calls, Monday mornings.

How about you?
Oh yes.  It is a day of adoptions.  Divine Teddy has a new fam!  He has a little schnauzer brother Spike - and they are all happy as can be.

We are so thrilled for lovely Teddy - and know he will be super loved, and have a friend to play with.  Many thanks to Carmela, Kiri, Bron & Terry for all their fantastic work getting our Ted to a happy future.

Go Teddy!
Darling Millie has found her forever home.  Yesterday she started her new life as the especially loved little girl of a lovely couple who have adopted from RWL before.

Thank you to Irene and Wayne for your care of sweet Millie and we know she is going to be the most loved little peanut.

Go Millie. x
Dear Mum,
I didn't mean to have a nibble on your finger as you cleaned and trimmed around my eyes.....
Love Noah. (the naughty monkey)
It's Monday madness!
Today we have two RWL Foundation Dogs in our clinics.
Bambi has been unwell and we are doing acid bile testing today.  Fingers crossed, as Bambi is a complicated case and needs a lot of monitoring.

16 yo westie Rosie is in for a dental today.  All fingers are crossed as Rosie is also a special case with diabetes and has had a rocky time under anaesethetic  previously so we are being extra cautious.

We are having bloods run on Charlie today to check the therapeutic levels for his anti seizure medication - and hopefully we will see him up for adoption soon.

A lot more going on behind the scenes, but we will fill you in as it comes!
An expensive week, but we will keep going. If you feel you have a couple of dollars to spare, we would be grateful.

Happy Monday folks!

I would like you to meet Donnie.

Donnie is 13 years old.  He was seized by the RSPCA SA.  He has tumours on his body - and he is blind.  His ears were infected and RSPCA SA have been treating him.  However Donnie is so stressed in the shelter - he needs a fospice home.

Fospice?  Foster/Hospice.  

There has to be someone who would open up their home, and help an elderly, very sad dog who has life to live - for however long he has.  He, after years of neglect - deserves OUR loving hands to help get him into a home who will love him when it matters most.

When they are old, ill, and eventually when they need to pass.

If anyone thinks they can help please email me at  and I will pass your details on to the appropriate people.

RSPCA SA and Rescue - and you, working together for a dog in need.  It's what we all have asked for - can you help?  RWL will assist as much as possible.

Can anyone help Donnie?

kindest thanks
Kae x
Guess who is going up for adoption soon.
Our little Button.

She is around 17 years of age.  She is deaf, a little low vision, has some medical stuff that isn't too bad to deal with, and we will be looking for the most amazing, kind, understanding home EVER.

Stay tuned.
We had a home lined up for Teddy and it fell through.  We had a second home lined up for Teddy and they got another dog.

And so - we are going to make sure Teddy only has the very best applications, and the very best home.

Teddy is 13 years old with a heart murmur.  He will need an experienced home, a family who understand the needs of an older dog who might have an issue down the track.

Apart from the Teddy is brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.

We know his perfect family are out there.  So let's see if we can find them.
M/C 982009105834335

Today is Vet Nurse Day.  
How could we ever run RWL without our amazing vet nurses at the clinics we use?  Well we couldn't.  They are as much a part of our work as we are, along with the vet teams we use, both local clinics and specialists.

So to acknowledge their incredible work, kindness, understanding and help, their humour, their compassion, and their willingness to work with us - we say a very BIG thank you.

We love what you do.

The Team at RWL xxxx
Our little Flora had another heartworm treatment yesterday and was very quiet last night.  Normally she loves her food but felt unwell and just snuggled in her crate.
Her treatment is killing off the adult heart worms around her heart, and as they die, they can cause inflammation around her heart.  She is given anti inflammatory medication for this but it really is dangerous and we must watch her very closely.  
She has another treatment today - and is at the clinic all day and monitored - we will let you know how she goes today.  It is quite a worrying time for our little girl who has been with us since June, and is still being treated for this awful condition.
Today, 4 October is World Animal Day.

It is just one day to celebrate I know - and yes every day should be World Animal Day shouldn't it?

I find animal welfare is the most divisive, under appreciated, misunderstood and double standard sector I can think of.

Whatever your personal beliefs are - we can only ever agree to be kind, and compassionate - and that is always the best platform we can give to any animal, or sentient being.

Like most of you we advocate for much better conditions and more humane standards, to outright banning of blood sports, and animals in entertainment who suffer their whole lives.

So move forward and find a way to help just one more animal in your future - if you can, because every action, voice, email and letter will hopefully always make a difference.

Happy World Animal Day from us at RWL. (and from Jean-Louise)
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