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Foster parents, Janice and Stu have discovered 14 yo Sally doesn't know what a bed is.  So they are teaching her with positive reinforcement such as treats to enjoy on her bedding.
This is what Janice wrote below...

"We are trying to make the blanket or bed a "happy" place so Sally feels more comfortable on it than sleeping on the hard floor (hence all the dog beds in the background 😂). Holding her treat like a regal queen. Have I said what a good girl Miss Sally is ?? "

Go Sally.  We've got your back honey.
Beautiful gorgeous ex RWL girl Stella is enjoy the glorious weather we are having under her lemon tree.
There is a song about a lemon tree right?
Ex RWL boy Wilbur who is completely blind still watches out the window waiting for his Mum to come home. He is just magic. :)
Last week we were contacted by a Vet Clinic regarding a client of theirs.  A tragedy had happened to the family of which we can't even   imagine.

They had welcomed a Golden Retriever x Poodle  puppy into their home,  and it turns out she has a possible ectopic urethra.  This means the urethra doesn't quite connect into the bladder properly - leaving the puppy with a certain level of urine leakage, or at worst full blown incontinence.

Having searched for answers for their 5 month old puppy and checked with some specialists the cost for the surgery alone is around $6000.  And it has a 70% success rate.

Distressed the family who have already been through more than anyone should turned to their vet - who told them about the kind of work we do.  Feeling they were unable to provide what was required for her with her needs - they were prepared to surrender "Maud' to us.

Last week a few of us discussed the case of Maud and we knew - none of us are set up for a puppy.  Particularly a large puppy, timid and in need of socialization.  We almost said no, until I was chatting with the girls from New Beginnings Animal Rescue who said they could take her on to foster - but couldn't help financially.  We felt we could do the financial side and rehoming - and so - two Rescues became one.  For the life of a puppy who just needed a chance.

Two days ago Maud came into care until the girls at NBAR could collect her which was today.  A joint effort saw her at our lovely Vet Dylan's clinic and she had a check over, some bloods taken, and we have devised a treatment plan to help Maud.

On 5 February - Maud will be going to the Specialists at Advanced Vet Care - for a consult.  If she does indeed have an ectopic urethra we will be going ahead and doing surgery so she will have the chance in life not to be incontinent.  All because the lovely girls at NBAR are helping us.

We are SO grateful to have such lovely friends in the animal welfare world who go above and beyond for those they take in.  Together holding hands, we will work 50/50 in trying to care for Maud, raise funds, get her to specialists visits, monitor her health and treatments, and help her recovery - then find her a home.

We hope you approve of us working side by side, and taking on a rather larger golden hued maltese :) and making a difference for a not so little puppy - to have a brilliant, kind and loved life.

Meet Maud below. x
As you know I am all about transparency.  So this is one of the scariest posts I'm going to write - because I know there will be people who are going to object, or be down right angry - I hope not.  But it's an unknown. So here goes.

A few years ago I needed to step back.  I was exhausted in every possible way.  RWL was on the brink of closing - and it was only that our lovely Netta took over that RWL survived.  Taking on the running of RWL at the time was a big ask.  We had gone from a small grassroots rescue group to a fully functioning Charity - and that was because of the changes Netta and the new Committee had brought in at the time. We stepped up and forward. And survived.

But it was on one condition.  I did not want Netta working 24/7 like I had done and burning out, because it is a brutal job, not for the faint hearted - it was not a fair ask to do so for free.

We told you then Netta was being paid part time - and you wholeheartedly agreed it was okay.  We breathed out - and continued our work in a better, more organized, more professional way.

Netta these past few years has found Rescue is indeed 24/7.  She was having days off mid week, but on those days off, emergencies happened, Shelters contacted her, and the life force of RWL continued despite trying to have some down time, she had none.

We discussed the issue - Netta had no time off per se, and you cannot do rescue at the level we do - like that. It fatigues you in a way that is all encompassing - and is no life, I know. And so I offered to work the 2 days Netta had off - so she could rest, away from the coal face, and catch up on life uninterrupted.

The question was should I be paid like Netta, or not.  I am doing the same work, keeping the Charity running, Netta is in for the long haul, as am I, and now with the days off - we can manage to keep ourselves healthier in our mind and bodies by having time away from the stress that is rescue. And someone will ALWAYS be there to run RWL - because it is like a hospital - it runs every minute of every day.

And so the answer is yes.  I will be paid a small part time wage and it has been agreed to by the Committee and the Foster carers.

Now.  If any of you disagree or are unhappy, please let me know.  You can email me personally at and tell me.  

I feel awkward and I don't want any of you upset.  But I would rather put myself out there and be transparent to you than hide it and not tell anyone - because RWL means that much to me.  It's integrity means that much to me.  And your support means more than a great deal.  And although RWL has moved from a tiny 2 lady Rescue in the suburbs to a fairly strong advocate over the past 15 years, I want to make sure all the changes we have made, and the growing, and keeping up has been purely for RWL to thrive.

And I think having two people watching RWL every single day of the week, is better than having one, who is exhausted with no days off, and eventually having to close RWL due to burn out.

So there it is RWL supporters.

I hope you can find it in your hearts to understand the choice made.  
Much love,
Kae x
Ex RWL girl Merri has her eye on some of that breakfast!  Isn't she the cutest thing?
Our beautiful Tibbie girl Molly is having a much needed dental today. She is also having a tiny little lump removed from her eyelid and we decided to do some X-rays on her hip area as she has some stiffness there, and she might need some pain relief to help her. Molly will be up for adoption soon in the Brisbane Region. So stay tuned and we will keep you posted. Thanks to the lovely Lynne for helping us!
Little Sally went to the big park today. Foster mum Janice got very emotional watching her explore the park with so much excitement and enthusiasm. She wanted to run and sniff everything. To think that she has missed out on this for so long. She is such a beautiful girl in every way. Love this little sweetheart ❤
Juni cruised through week 3 of chemo. Gobbled dinner and now we rest ❤️
Hi I’m Elvis, I’m a 6 year old chihuahua and I weigh in at a tiny 2.5 kilos of pure love. Like all chihuahuas I’m full of personality and love to be with you. The more cuddles I can get the happier I am. 

I’m great with cats and other small dogs. I get jealous of other males but get along great with the ladies. I’d be perfectly happy as an only dog so I can get all the attention as let’s face it, it’s all about me. I like to be where you are and love to go in the car but due to arthritis in my front legs I can’t go for walks but a pram ride would be fabulous and guess what, I come with a doggie pram! 

Unfortunately, due to my tiny size I’m not suitable for a home with very young children or an apartment as sometimes I yell when I can’t see you. 

Whoever adopts me is going to be loved like only a chihuahua can.

Microchip 956000012977352 Source number RE129527
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